New pup comes tomorrow

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nearlyfinished1moreyear Wed 11-Mar-20 18:40:58

Hi all so after much consideration the past year and myself having to take a break in training, we are getting another Staffordshire bull terrier.

My other boy is well trained non-aggressive and has lived with other dogs before so that's not an issue. I'm not completely nieve and understand careful introductions etc.

I have 12 years experience with the breed so know what I'm getting into. My main issue is that I ensure the new pup has as much of a good temperament as my boy, I know this is achievable as I trained him myself but at the time my old girl had a brain tumour and I sadly had to PTS. Also my male seemed to take forever to toilet train! I've never crated but I'm considering for this issue?

Also does anyone recommend Michelle Weltons books?

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TeacupRex Wed 11-Mar-20 23:28:02

A large part of temperament is genetic, as important as good socialisation and training. Especially with a breed like Staffies that are unfortunately overrun with backyard breeders that mate iffy temperamented dogs to make money and not to improve the breed.

Crate training is always a good idea and greatly helps with toilet training - although I hear in general, Staffies tend to be quite quick at becoming housetrained. You'll have to condition him to associate the crate as a 'den' for sleeping and relaxing - rather than a prison or timeout for bad behaviour, as Staffies are very good escape artists and will find a way out of a crate if they're determined enough.

Not read her books, but I've read most of the breed reviews on her website. They're pretty accurate, and although all dogs are individuals and may not always conform to the breed traits, it's good to have an idea in mind on what traits to expect.

Tdaadfb100 Wed 11-Mar-20 23:34:28

Lucky you! Enjoy your new family member. I very nearly lost my rescue dog so please give your new pup all the love and support you can. Xxx

nearlyfinished1moreyear Thu 12-Mar-20 07:07:41

@TeacupRex Your so right about the "escape artist". I had forgotten when we first got my old boy and he managed to bend the crate door in and escape....I'll maybe just stick with what I know and not crate.

I understand how important socialisation is I had two previous rescue staffs who were very dog aggressive. One was particularly bad and in someone else's care (I told him never to let him off lead) managed to kill a sheep sad. I don't trust anybody with my dogs now. My boy just now has amazing recall with myself not so good with my OH hmm.

I'll update with new pup pic later when I go to get her smile

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