After the gorgeous ddog threads can we have a daft one?

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Windyatthebeach Mon 09-Mar-20 19:43:41

Ddog totally puzzled as to why she can't bulldoze her way through the net like she does doors /people /other ddogs...

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Stellaris22 Mon 09-Mar-20 19:55:21

Mine can often be found sleeping like this

Windyatthebeach Mon 09-Mar-20 20:13:51

A bit more to the left...

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Thewolfsjustapuppy Mon 09-Mar-20 22:31:19

You’re having a laugh

QueenOfOversharing Mon 09-Mar-20 23:08:28


QueenOfOversharing Mon 09-Mar-20 23:09:36

He's usually so photogenic...

QueenOfOversharing Mon 09-Mar-20 23:13:04

I think there's still some crumbs


PantPlot Mon 09-Mar-20 23:22:12

Takes their plant pot checking über seriously

Piglet208 Mon 09-Mar-20 23:27:13

Archie does get in some daft positions!

Stellaris22 Tue 10-Mar-20 08:03:41

Daft pup being daft

Girliefriendlikespuppies Tue 10-Mar-20 10:12:34

My favourite sleeping position!

BadEyeBri Tue 10-Mar-20 10:35:41

Does my bum look big in this? Doofus dog

Windyatthebeach Tue 10-Mar-20 11:18:37

She def doesn't fit in now!!

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SleightOfMind Tue 10-Mar-20 14:49:09


StillMedusa Tue 10-Mar-20 17:18:24

Killing Kevin the Carrot!

chickensaresafehere Tue 10-Mar-20 17:54:22

Smile grin

Mayaaaaa Tue 10-Mar-20 18:31:23


adaline Tue 10-Mar-20 20:25:51


SleightOfMind Tue 10-Mar-20 21:14:19

Awwwwww! Lovely thread.
Posting more of the Sleighthounds - not much room for brains in those streamlined little heads...

LR33 Tue 10-Mar-20 21:23:25

Loftus wedged his head in the gap. grin

AlCalavicci Tue 10-Mar-20 21:28:56

the timing of that photo is absolute perfect !

TheFaerieQueene Tue 10-Mar-20 21:30:13

She loves a stick

AlCalavicci Tue 10-Mar-20 21:36:27

if you have not seen this image before it will boggle the brain .

AlCalavicci Tue 10-Mar-20 21:37:03

Disclaimer this is not my dog !

Windyatthebeach Tue 10-Mar-20 21:38:27

One cold winter!!

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