Collar or harness?

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4girlsonly Mon 09-Mar-20 18:50:52

My poor cockerpoo has broken his elbow so now crated and led out for toilet on a lead as absolutely not allowed to run or jump whilst healing. Prior to his injury we walked him on a harness but he was prone to pulling. Once he fully heals I think I would have more control with a collar and lead but I worry if he pulls too much he will hurt his neck? I am a virgin dog-owner so any advice or tips gratefully received.

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FairfaxAikman Mon 09-Mar-20 19:02:41

If he pulls I'd go with a harness. There's a lot going on in the neck and pulling in a collar has the potential to do a fair bit of damage - my lab has a displaced hyoid from this (only I'll effect is her young hangs out the side a fair bit.

Floralnomad Mon 09-Mar-20 19:08:41

I prefer a harness on all dogs as I think they are kinder , my current dog has tracheal problems ( caused by a bad bout of KC as a pup) so cant wear a collar at all in case it gets pulled .

stopandListen Mon 09-Mar-20 20:41:40

Harness, much better, if he pulls then you can get one that has an anti pull function.

4girlsonly Mon 09-Mar-20 22:26:30

Thanks all will look at an anti-pull harness

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jinxpixie Tue 10-Mar-20 13:39:51

Harness but NOT the anti pull harnesses.They can cause injuries and constriction on the dogs normal walking gait.

Get perfect fit or similar.It needs have a front Y shape and D ring on the chest and on the back.Safest for the dog and will help you to train non pulling

Hovverry Wed 11-Mar-20 21:25:28

A harness is safer. My dog hates his harness so I changed to a collar. One day he was frightened by another dog, pulled back out of his collar and ran into a busy road. Thank God all the traffic stopped.


StillMedusa Thu 12-Mar-20 07:34:24

Perfect fit here. If you can find a local stockist even better. I have tried various harnesses but wouln't use any other now.. they really are a perfect fit once you have got the right pieces for your individual dog!

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