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House training my chihuahua cross

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thequeenbeyondthewall Sun 08-Mar-20 21:25:12

Any tips?

He's 100% no accidents one day then three the next. Then 100% for a day or two, then one accident, then 100% perfect. And repeat.

What can I do?

I work from home. He's never left more than 4 hours. He doesn't wee or poo anywhere if we are out. I am in four days a week.

I take him out every hour and give him a treat when he goes outside.

He has a puppy pad. He couldn't be less interested in it. Never wees or poos on it.

Always in the shower tray. Put the pad on the shower tray and he wees and poos on the bathroom floor.

How do I train him.

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thequeenbeyondthewall Sun 08-Mar-20 21:26:14

This is him.

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Nojeansplease Mon 09-Mar-20 00:06:26

He’s gorgeous
How old is he? And how long have you need trying?

If he doesn’t go on the hourly trip outside what do you do?
He should be confined to a small area that you can watch him in. Even better if it’s somewhere with his bed etc that he’s less likely to want to go on.
Learn his pre wee/poo tells.

Also keep a schedule so you have an idea how often he needs to go and what times.

Not clear why he’s got a pad and is also going outside
That must be confusing for him. Take away the pads if you ultimately want him to go outside.

avamiah Mon 09-Mar-20 00:12:51

Does he sleep in a crate at night ?

adaline Mon 09-Mar-20 08:40:41

Can you try tethering him to you when he's at home?

So as soon as you notice any sign of him wanting to go, you can take him straight outside.

ACoupleofPeaches Mon 09-Mar-20 08:43:37

How old is he?

Has he always been like this or is it recent behaviour?

The above questions notwithstanding this Always in the shower tray suggests he IS trained - just to a shower tray, not grass. In which case, restricting access to the shower and increasing chances to go in the garden (i.e. back to basics) would be my suggestion.

Soubriquet Mon 09-Mar-20 08:46:38

Chihuahuas are notoriously bad for being house trained so the fact he goes in the shower tray is good

labazsisgoingmad Mon 09-Mar-20 09:02:54

chihuahua's are very hard to train im afraid but he does seem to be doing it in one place so thats a start i would concentrate on the outside and forget puppy pads take him out at regular intervals even if he does not do anything

TemoraryUsername Mon 09-Mar-20 09:15:35

My chi x rescue was harder than any of my other dogs to toilet train! I've had her 6 months now and we don't have accidents inside, but she has only signalled that she wants to go outside twice, ever.

Persevere. Massive praise and reward for each successful one outside. No drama just a speedy clean up after each one inside. Train a cue word. Watch for him wanting to wander off to the bathroom -being Chi x would I be right in thinking he normally is by your side or on your lap a lot of the time?

thequeenbeyondthewall Sat 28-Mar-20 19:27:46

Hello again. Sorry for not replying sooner. Like everyone else it's strange times at the minute trying to work from home, home school and all the rest of it.

He's still not trained. I've took the puppy pads away. He didn't wee on them anyway.

I'm at my wits end with it.

He's going out every hour. We've restricted him to the living room and kitchen which we can see from the living room. Now the bathroom door is closed he's had a couple of weeks and has been better but still not trained. Today he's been awful.

He's let out every morning at seven. He went out this morning and did a wee. Was in half an hour and he weed on the floor in the kitchen. Then another two accidents today. One in the shower where the door was left open accidentally and again in the kitchen.

He's been given treats when he goes outside. Loads of praise.

It's literally like he isn't bothered.

Am I doing it right? Taking him out every hour and sitting on the wall and watching him for five mins as he doesn't always go, then giving him praise and a treat if he does go?

When he wees inside am I supposed to ignore him and give him no attention? If so for how long?


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thequeenbeyondthewall Sat 28-Mar-20 19:39:09

Oh and today he also took a cat pooh out of the cats litter tray and ran into the garden with it in his mouth. I had to chase him round the garden till he dropped it. Vom. envy not envy.

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adaline Sat 28-Mar-20 23:20:14

Chihuahuas are notoriously difficult to house train.

You say he goes out once an hour but do you go with him? I would pop him on his lead and take him outside and then he can't come back inside until he goes. When he does go, add a command and eventually he should associate the command with going to the toilet.

VetOnCall Tue 31-Mar-20 02:22:28

If you're taking him out every hour and he's still going in the house in between then that's not enough. You need to make it every half hour to break the cycle of him going in the house. Try using a cue word, pick something and stick to it - 'busy' or 'toilet' or 'go pee' - it doesn't matter as long as you're consistent. Repeat it over and over as he's actually going so that he makes the association and then praise and reward him massively. It's important to only say it as he's actually in the act of peeing or pooing to begin with so that he makes the association between the word and the action - do this every time for a good few days and then try using the word when you take him out and keep up the praise and reward, really make a fuss of him. Ignore any accidents in the house, make sure the shower room door is kept closed and try to keep an eye on him if he wanders off on the house for a few days.

He'll get it in the end but they're often not the easiest dogs to housetrain and you have to really persevere and be consistent. Try every 30 minutes and the cue word and that should help.

The cat poo thing is normal btw. Most dogs see it as a real delicacy!

thequeenbeyondthewall Wed 01-Apr-20 11:47:04

Well not sure what's happened but he is like a changed dog overnight.

No accidents at all yesterday and it was quite warm so the back door was open most of the day and he took himself off out to go to do his business.

Then later on when it was dark, he went the back door and did one little cry at it. He's never done that before. I let him out and he did a wee and a poo.

Same today, he's just been running in and out the door going when he needs to.

Like everyone has suggested, I've made a super big deal of him every time and I think he's getting it now. grin

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