Dog barking while workmen are in the garden

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adaline Mon 09-Mar-20 15:02:11

Introduce the dog to workmen might help, although mine just gets excited whenever anyone is in the garden grin

Otherwise you can get film to put on the windows so the light still comes in, but you still maintain your privacy - it's pretty cheap from Wilko.

RoombaSavedMySanity Mon 09-Mar-20 12:41:58

I'd be very reluctant to calm or sedate a dog that was going to be left alone, tbh.

Would making sure your dog cannot physically see into the garden (curtains, blinds or even paper tacked to the windows) and playing loud, calming music to drown out any sounds, work?

TheSandgroper Sun 08-Mar-20 21:48:32

We had workmen up and down the street and in and out of our driveway for months. Our terrier barks at everything.

I took her out and introduced myself to the guys and had a chat while the dog on the lead had a good smell and got some pats.

It worked a treat. They were at it for so long that I did repeat the effort a couple of times but she really did keep quiet.

Trifle66 Sun 08-Mar-20 19:11:20

I am having some work done to my garden next week. I have to work so cant be at home. The problem is that my dog is likely to bark a lot while the work is being done however it will be safe in the house.
My question is would it be a good idea to get a calming pill from the vet for the two days the work is being done? Would it help keep the dog calm and less barky?


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