Crufts but Mutt Awards 🥰

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Toomanygerbils Sun 08-Mar-20 04:03:13

Photos needed to prove your dog is better than crufts dogs, cross breeds only. One dog will be crowned as the king or queen of the Mutts

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Skierrdery Sun 08-Mar-20 04:26:46

You need to have categories!

Hound Group.
Working Group.
Utility Group.
Terrier Group.
Gundog Group.
Pastoral Group.
Toy Group.

If ddogs are unsure of their provenance or purpose, we can add in an 'Also ran' group perhaps?

Skierrdery Sun 08-Mar-20 04:29:14

And extra points awarded for anecdotal evidence of their adorable stupidity, their complete disregard for authority, an identity crisis, or just sheer ability to make us laugh.

I like this game already.

Skierrdery Sun 08-Mar-20 04:30:18

I have no ddog to enter in this race.

Skierrdery Sun 08-Mar-20 04:31:33

I have never heard of a pastoral group before. Do they sit and listen while you tell them your woes?

Ethelswith Sun 08-Mar-20 08:17:41

Yes, Skierderry, but only once exhausted after a hard day rounding up your sheep in your pasture

PristineCondition Sun 08-Mar-20 08:20:46

Can we have have an obedience round. They won't comply but it will be fun to watch.


CalleighDoodle Sun 08-Mar-20 08:24:53

My cavatzu refused to walk in the direction J needed him to last night as he likes to look in the window of the corner shop for five minutes, but i didnt have time for this. He sat down and refused to move. I had to eventually carry him.

Earlier in the week he refused to step foot out of the door because it was raining.

What category would that be?

CalleighDoodle Sun 08-Mar-20 08:25:19

Disobedience round maybe?

RevealTheHiddenBeach Sun 08-Mar-20 08:29:13

Has nobody entered yet?!

I would like to enter the best hound round, especially if there is also an idiot clause.

This is Keira. First in full glory, second in current state as she ran in front of a push bike because there was a ball.

QueenOfOversharing Sun 08-Mar-20 08:48:34

I really want to enter my beagle & staffy. The staffy's definitely a cross, the beagle isn't - but he is a rescue who honestly had no clue how to even dog, let alone beagle. My staffy (terrier class) won Waggiest Tail in dog show in Hampstead Heath in 2011 & runs past every dog on walks to lick the humans she greets.

The beagle gets lost in our garden. He barks until I go out & rescue him - from the fire escape at the side of the house. He also failed at scent training class.

Mydogisthebest1 Sun 08-Mar-20 09:04:36

Ddog would like to enter in the "What sort of dog is that" group please. She is a Shar Pei x DDB (really bad breed mix I know, she's a rescue). Her main qualities are being scared of everything, hating strangers and also other dogs. She'd be rubbish at actual Crufts! However she'd like you to know she is also very snuggly, has recently learned to put all her toys back in her toy box, and gives the best kisses. This is the face we get when we are not getting ready for a walk quickly enough.

PristineCondition Sun 08-Mar-20 09:47:53

Your dogs wrinkly forehead is gorgeous^^

TheMemoryLingers Sun 08-Mar-20 09:52:49

Just joining for the pics as my old boy wouldn't qualify to enter.

fourquenelles Sun 08-Mar-20 10:50:27

Can I enter a breed not recognised on the drop down menus anywhere? Going to the hound group I present my Galgos Espanol. Ancient old men.

fourquenelles Sun 08-Mar-20 10:53:18

May have posted twice. Sorry!

Mydogisthebest1 Sun 08-Mar-20 10:55:41

fourquennelles oh my what lovely old boys! 💜

Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Mar-20 01:13:52

Opening the completion up to any dogs who are elderly, rescue or just too different (a nice word for stupid!) to enter crufts!

@Skierrdery has a great idea with categories so state which one you are entering your pooch into and why

Let the games commence 🥰

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Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Mar-20 01:15:28

@RevealTheHiddenBeach that ball was in danger, she acted to save it, brave dog!

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Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Mar-20 01:17:33

@QueenOfOversharing what a lucky owner you have one championship winning dog, plus a rebel who is probably faking his intelligence (maybe not but very cute!)

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Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Mar-20 01:19:38

@Mydogisthebest1 putting her toys away is an amazing trick to be championship worthy and proud of, kisses on top of that, she’s welcome in my house anytime!

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Toomanygerbils Mon 09-Mar-20 01:21:13

@fourquenelles they look majestic and very happy for picture posing. They should too, they’re stunning 🥰

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Skierrdery Mon 09-Mar-20 01:29:57

From my side, 10/10 is going to the Beagle who doesn't know how to ddog.
Keira was looking good until she became a numpty. Third picture sold me.
Fourquenelles - yours look like royalty. Or Camilla or something.
Madame Shar Pei who cleans up after herself must surely win a prize of her own?

Skierrdery Mon 09-Mar-20 01:33:22

Sorry, mixing up Keira and Beagle. Beagle's third pic showed extreme poise, grace, elegance and intelligence. It's very difficult to achieve such an attractive selfie.
Keira looked lovely until she skulled herself. Hope she's on the mend now. There's always next year.

DarkMutterings Mon 09-Mar-20 01:52:25

Please can I enter Pooch - Street dog come Princess, currently sulking because our country is in Corona Virus shut down so everyone is at home but no one is playing with her, giving her attention or walking her and this is NOT how she expects things to be ...

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