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Any vets here?! Need help with ddog poo. Getting worried.

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Darklane Wed 11-Mar-20 00:13:28

Get yourself some Promax to keep in stock, you can buy it reasonably online from one of the vet med suppliers like Vet UK or Petmed. If it happens again you can switch to a bland chicken/ rice diet & give the right dose twice a day. If it doesn’t clear it completely it will get you through a day or so till you can get to the vet..

RedRed9 Mon 09-Mar-20 12:25:24

I’m glad he’s feeling better. Keep him on a bland diet while he’s recovering and make sure he gets enough fluids. Small dogs are in danger of dehydrating fast with D&V.

eaglebay Sun 08-Mar-20 22:01:35

Thanks everyone for taking the time to reply to me. Ddog has had no diarrhea since late yesterday evening and I've just taken him for a late night walk and he's done a fairly solid poo (no blood streaks) so I'm guessing maybe he just had a dodgy stomach after all but will continue to keep an eye on him over the next few days.

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Excitedforxmas Sat 07-Mar-20 23:58:26

Give him a bland diet for next few days. Chicken or fish. Our dog had similar and that’s all vet told us to do

Lalala205 Sat 07-Mar-20 23:55:22

You can ring the emergency vet and explain what the symptoms are/and that you have no means to pay until Monday. They may at least offer a vague opinion over the phone and if they think you need to take the dog in or if it can wait. When we contacted emergency vet (different issue). They actually advised to hang fire for a few hrs rather than rushing straight in there. It definately wasn't a show me the money thing!

johnwayneisbigleggy Sat 07-Mar-20 23:39:42

If there is blood in the poo he really needs to see a vet. Can you not borrow some money from family until Monday?

RoseAndRose Sat 07-Mar-20 23:37:43

Who is your pet insurance with?

Can the vet deal directly with the company?

QuestionableMouse Sat 07-Mar-20 23:34:18

Honestly I'm not comfortable saying either way because I don't want to give you bad advice. Hope he's okay.

LunaL0veg00d Sat 07-Mar-20 22:33:05

Sorry to say I think you need to take him to the vet ASAP. My dog had this twice and both times it was pancreatitis, she was very poorly and only made it through as we acted quickly 🙁. Could you call the vet and see if they have any payment arrangements they could make?

userxx Sat 07-Mar-20 22:15:47

Can you ask the vet if you can make payment on Monday, I think he needs to go sooner rather than later.

eaglebay Sat 07-Mar-20 22:12:35

@QuestionableMouse do you think he can hold out till Monday when I can get an appointment for him then?

Good to hear about your dog ❤️ 19 years is a fantastic age!

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QuestionableMouse Sat 07-Mar-20 22:03:27

My dog did this a few years ago. Iirc he basically had food poisoning and needed antibiotics cleared up well and he lived to the rope old age of 19 (Yorkie)

You do need to get him seen. Your vet may be able to offer you a payment plan.

eaglebay Sat 07-Mar-20 21:53:27

5 year old mini dachs, never had any health problems.

Last night and the night before ddog has had diarrhea. We live in a flat and in all the time we have lived here I think he has only soiled inside the flat on one or two occasions but the last 2 nights he has been poo'ing all over the carpets (while we were asleep). He was obviously desperate ☹️

It started out as solid poo but gradually become very watery and the last few poos today have had blood in it. Google tells me this is serious. I'm panicking. We have no money to take him to emergency vet. I have precisely £3.60 to get me through till Monday when I get paid. Will he be ok??

He is eating normally, not obviously lethargic or dehydrated. He's been out for his normal walk today with no problems, happy as usual.

He is so well loved and I'm so scared there is something very wrong with him.

(Have taken a photo of his last poo if anyone would like to see it?!)

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