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Best puppy travel crates / boxes

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MajorClanger123 Wed 04-Mar-20 09:32:05

Hi all,
We're bringing home our puppy in 3 weeks and I've been looking at safe ways to transport him in our car. We are getting a lab retriever so he'll end up a big boy and will likely eventually travel in our car boot (which is also large) once fully grown. For transporting him home as a pup, then to/from the vets whilst still little, is it appropriate to buy one of those soft (and fairly small-ish) travel crates for the puppy period? I'm not sure if its a waste of money or if there is something better.

Any ideas / recommendations much appreciated!

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MiniatureRed Sat 28-Mar-20 19:40:08

Hello @MajorClanger123, what did you decide to do? I'm also considering one of these for the initial transportation rather than just my little boot.

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