Dog's third eyelid showing

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LochJessMonster Tue 03-Mar-20 11:26:37

Third eyelid is common. You can see it on mine when hes asleep.

His other eye also had the third eyelid shown anyway as he found out cats fight dirty and tore his third eyelid slightly.

The gunk might be another issue, I would keep an eye on it, make a note every time it happens so you can see how often it occurs.

FuriousFlannels Mon 02-Mar-20 14:10:18

Green gunk or discharge is worth mentioning at your next vet check, though. If it gets worse then go to the vet straight away. Eye infections tend to be easly treated (ime) but can get very serious if not treated.

FuriousFlannels Mon 02-Mar-20 14:08:54

See the 3rd eyelid as the dog falls asleep is fairly normal. I am looking at 3 dogs right now - all asleep and all with their 3rd eyelids peeking out between their half closed outer eyelids. Breed also plays a role with heavier faced dogs tending to have droppier outer eyelids, making it easier to see the inner one. In these photos I can see the inner eyelid of all puppies but would not consider it abnormal.

However, if you notice it being more prominant than usual while the dog is awake - e.g. starting to cover her iris - then this can be a sign of infection.

beryl1990 Mon 02-Mar-20 13:10:21

No! You need to take her to the vet to get it checked out. You wouldn’t want her losing her sight. Best thing is to wipe her eyes with cotton wool pad soaked in warm water and wipe gently. Hope she get better soon

lovemydog301 Sun 01-Mar-20 20:33:27

I have a 4 month old lab puppy. She sometimes gets green gunk, or watery discharge from her eyes (it's mild and doesn't happen that often).

I've just noticed that when she's tired and starting to fall asleep, I can see her third eyelid in the corner of her eye.

Is this normal?

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