Dog walking wellies recommendations

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cyclingwife Sun 01-Mar-20 17:38:07

We've had Dpup nearly 2 months now and my old wellies have no proper sole and so are quite slippy which is no good at all when dpup fancies a little run along the paths. We're in a very wet and cold part of the country and so can imagine wearing wellies throughout the year.
Any recommendations? Is it worth spending £40 on a pair?

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tossacoin1 Sun 01-Mar-20 17:45:09

I got hunter wellies and they're great, totally recommended them. I've had them for many years and they are still going strong. Think they're a bit more expensive than £40 though but worth it if you want them to last a long time smile

Floralnomad Sun 01-Mar-20 17:45:28

Or decent actual wellies you need to spend more than £40 to get anything that is going to last more than a few months and it’s a false economy to keep buying cheap wellies . I have Dublin river boots for when it’s extremely bad but mostly walk in Woof wear yard boots which are good value at around £40 .

BiteyShark Sun 01-Mar-20 17:49:57

Is £40 your max budget?

I have neoprene lined le chameau boots and I can walk in them for hours. I did think I was mad for spending that much on wellies but now having owned a good pair I can see the benefits especially if you walk in very muddy wet places.

TeacupRex Sun 01-Mar-20 18:14:50

Muck boots, without a doubt! I think you might have just missed their winter sale, but I got a pair of tall boots a couple of years ago for about £40 in the sale I think, they're still going strong now, no sole wearing. I was so pleased with the quality that I ordered a pair of ankle muck boots in the sale for £35. Brilliant for comfortable dog walking, they keep your feet clean, dry and warm.

cyclingwife Sun 01-Mar-20 18:19:02

Thanks everyone. My £12 wellies lasted me 10 years but then I hardly wore them, maybe 5 times a year. So I thought £40 was a lot!

I have walking boots for when I do a proper walk which I spent about £40 on and so thought something equivalent, to get through the swamps of my walks but were mildly comfy.

I will check out all your recommendations, thanks

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itadakimas Sun 01-Mar-20 18:30:16

Do you have a Decathalon near you?

I bought a pair of wellies from there. I suspect their own brand. I can't remember the price, but they're very cheap and cheerful. They're a 'hunter boot' and fleece lined.

I've worn out Hunter's and Ariat's within a couple of months, and i wont waste my money again! I've gone past the point of caring what my feet look like when they're going to be covered in crap within minutes.


itadakimas Sun 01-Mar-20 18:31:30

I'd absolutely second @TeaCupRex - muck boots are great

Giraffey1 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:33:31

I had a pair of Joules that lasted a couple of years. I’ve also had a pair of Decathlon wellies that cost me a tenner, and lasted just as long! So it ain’t necessarily true you need to spend loads of ££££ to get a good pair. I get the mid calf wellies as I find it hard to find full length ones that will fit.

HopeYouStepOnALego Sun 01-Mar-20 18:42:14

I spent a lot more than £40 and bought some muck boots. They're so warm and you don't have to wear thick socks either. I wear my wellies most of the year.

Toria70 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:49:00

I've got a pair of muck boots that are ok but the fabric part tends to hold the damp, and my better pair are Aigle Parcours. I walk my dogs twice a day every day in horrid conditions at the moment but my feet are warm, dry and really well supported. Amazon have them on offer every so often, I paid around £90 for my latest ones. I can walk 4/5 miles without any issues and be comfortable.

Kay1341 Sun 01-Mar-20 18:51:20

I find Regatta wellies really comfortable for long dog walks, you don't need thick socks and they fit great.

DrMaryMalone Sun 01-Mar-20 18:56:29

Definitely go for a country outdoors brand for comfort and dry feet! Toggi Wanderers were comfy but not great if you have ample calves like me. Otherwise Aigle or if you can afford them Chameau wellies get fab reviews. I currently wear Hoggs of Fife Field Sport Pro wellies which come with or without neoprene lining. You can get them in the Ardmoor website. Just avoid any fashion brands if you want anything hard wearing - unfortunately hunters fall into this category now and the new ones have a reputation as being poor quality compared to how they used to be.

cyclingwife Sun 01-Mar-20 19:02:39

Ooh loads more to look into thank you.
As dpup is quite little we're not doing long walks just quite a few short walks but I expect in time we'll be out and about a lot more.

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EmeraldsAtDawn Sun 01-Mar-20 19:15:54

Muck Boots used to be great but quality has been hit and miss over the last couple of years or so.

Moonflower12 Sun 01-Mar-20 19:23:34

Ummm! We need to see a picture of Dpup!

Moonflower12 Sun 01-Mar-20 19:25:15

I second the Aigle Parcours. I've had mine about 7 years and they're still in very good nick. I wear them for hours- dogs, horses etc and they are very comfortable.

Spudlet Sun 01-Mar-20 19:27:06

Gumleaf wellies. I’ve had mine a couple of years now and they’re fab. Good grip and warm, and I’ve covered some miles in them! They’re not as well known as some brands but they’re great quality, ime. And they come in bright colours as well as green.

rookiemere Sun 01-Mar-20 19:43:18

Goodyear neoprene ones. Got them on a weekend away when my cheapie ones split, and they are totally amazing. Toasty and warm and comfortable - favourite clothing item of 2019. I got mine for £40 in a local shop but they appear to be a bit more on Amazon, but totally worth the money.

Rubberduckies Sun 01-Mar-20 19:45:29

I had cheapy wellies that lasted me years of walking the dog and riding and when I wore them out asked DH to buy the same ones and they'd changed them!

My Joules ones lasted 6 months if that with regular walking.

I've got Grubbs boots now and I love them. Very comfortable. Insulated. Decent sole.

For anyone else who happens to have... ahem..... wider than the average ladies foot, I would definitely recommend them!

cyclingwife Sun 01-Mar-20 19:45:31

@Moonflower12 if i knew how to upload a photo of dpup i would!

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RoscoPColtrane Sun 01-Mar-20 21:54:36

I have Aigle Parcours but calf length ones which are fab as I can drive in them too, I find normal knee length wellies tricky to drive in as they get caught on the underside of the car seat - but I'm short!

Girlintheframe Mon 02-Mar-20 05:46:35

I have a pair of hunter wellies I got in the sale. They grip really well and because they are soft I can easily walk miles in them. It's the 2nd pair I've bought as find them so comfy

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Mon 02-Mar-20 06:44:02

I have a pair of Mole Country Store own brand ones, about £40. Nothing lavish, need extra socks in winter but they say they'll replace them if they last less than a year. My pairs tend to survive two years of almost daily winter use (2 times a day 40-60 mins each time). Good grip and I find them comfy.

frostedviolets Mon 02-Mar-20 07:03:29

Not Aigle parcours.

Way, way more than I would usually spend but I did because the reviews were so good, they didn’t properly do up over my fat calves and they broke after a year or so.
They Leached rye for a while as well.

It’s not the first grossly expensive item that has massively disappointed me either:
I will never spend obscene amounts of money on clothing/shoes again.
I’d get any old cheap £12 welly from now on

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