Puppy swallowing chews

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Tournesol Sun 01-Mar-20 08:39:38

I have a 15 week old working cocker and he has managed to chew and swallow numerous chew toys.

He ate pretty much the whole of a nylabone, and nylabone keys teething chew. Fortunately he pooped them out. But the plastic eating stressed me out so I tried him on a bull's pizzle, which he loved but with about 2 inches left he swallowed in one go. Then same thing happened with plaited dried ostrich except it was more like 3 inches that he swallowed without chewing.
I think he swallowed those because he thought I was going to take it from him.
Now he is teething and I want to give him a yakker to chew on but worried he just swallow it in one go.
Should I just give up or can anyone give any advice on safe things to chew that won't get swallowed in one go?

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jinxpixie Sun 01-Mar-20 09:08:30

You do not want him swallowing any of the above

Maybe give him things to chew that do not matter if he eats them eg frozen carrots etc.

heatseeker14 Sun 01-Mar-20 10:27:33

@Tournesol, our 7 month old puppy does this too if he gets the chance. He has eaten fabric, plastic, part of a nylabone and a good chunk of a pizzle stick. Not done it with a yak chew, but I have to closely monitor him towards the end of it. The good thing about yak chews is you can microwave the end bit to turn it into a cheese puff, so at least there is no waste. Yak chews used to last our puppy ages, but now he destroys them within a week. 🙄
I could really do with some more ideas for chews and toys that last. He can’t have cuddle toys because he just eats them. 😒 A frozen carrot will be eaten within minutes. I bought him some natural wood chews. He loved these initially now they are ignored. I can get him interested in them if I leave them overnight in the cat’s biscuit box so they get stinky. Doesn’t work for long though. On a positive note, at least he isn’t chewing furniture!

Tournesol Sun 01-Mar-20 10:56:50

Thanks for the advice @jinxpixie I quite often give him a carrot but it only lasts about 5 minutes

Glad we're not alone @heatseeker14 If the yakkers last for you I might try him on one in close supervision. We don't have a microwave but do you think popping it in the oven at the end would work?
The best toy I've found to keep pup busy so far is an old muslin tied in knots with treats hidden inside.

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heatseeker14 Sun 01-Mar-20 11:19:38

No harm in giving it a go in the oven. Just keep an eye on it. Looks almost round when puffed up.
I read that jeans cut up and plaited last well. Have an old pair I plan to cut up later to try. Will let you know how we get on. 😄

adaline Sun 01-Mar-20 11:36:17

You need to be so careful with him swallowing things OP. They could cause a blockage and can be fatal.

If you can't be there to supervise and retrieve toys and chews when they're ripped up, he shouldn't get them.

pigsDOfly Sun 01-Mar-20 13:14:11

Agree, you need to be there supervising chewing, and do not let them get small enough to get into his mouth.

I used to give my dog antlers to chew on. The frozen carrot is a good idea.

A lot of things that are sold as chews for dogs are made using very dangerous chemicals and really shouldn't be on the market.

It's a good idea to google anything you're thinking of giving your dog to chew and find out exactly how it's made; obviously not information given out my the manufacturer.


adaline Sun 01-Mar-20 13:17:25

A lot of things that are sold as chews for dogs are made using very dangerous chemicals and really shouldn't be on the market.

Yep, sadly this. Too many people think that because it's for sale, it's safe, and sadly that's just not the case.

Ours only gets natural treats. No cooked bones (due to splintering), no plastic chews like Nylabones, no rawhide - he gets one a day and always under supervision. I've read too many horror stories of people leaving their dogs unsupervised with chews and toys sad

Hovverry Sun 01-Mar-20 19:46:40

Dogs don’t need chews. Give him a BIG raw bone.

adaline Mon 02-Mar-20 09:56:41

Dogs don’t need chews. Give him a BIG raw bone.

Isn't it exactly the same principle? Bones are there for the dogs to chew on, surely? confused

heatseeker14 Mon 02-Mar-20 10:03:00

What bones would you recommend for a 7 month old puppy? Our boy has had chicken and duck neck, but they don’t last long. Can he have larger bones now?

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