is it possible to change a dog hating dog?

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Claphands Fri 28-Feb-20 16:51:39

we have a bitch we rehomed a couple of months ago, shes so well behaved apart from when shes out being walked-she hates other dogs. My husband says shes been ok a couple of times with other dogs but she has barked aggressively at other dogs whenever ive taken her out. I do anticipate other dogs and walk her away from them but she isn't fooled by that and ofcourse, its not helped by some oblivious dog owners who seem to walk directly towards you, even when the dogs are barking at each other.
I worry she will attack them. Ive never had a dog before, my husband has but im with her more often that he is at the moment.

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TeacupRex Fri 28-Feb-20 18:00:40

She will need to be properly assessed by a dog behaviourist (one that uses positive reinforcement - the dog training industry is very unregulated so look for one that is IMDT qualified), it will not be a quick fix, especially as you don't know her full history being a rehome. Dog aggression can be managed and in some cases can be lessened with training and positive reinforcement, but some dogs just don't like other dogs, and that is okay IF it is managed responsibly. A good behaviourist will be able to guide you and advise you appropriately.

I would seriously consider starting to muzzle train her for when you go out, if you are worried about her potentially attacking another dog. There is no shame in it, it's the responsible thing to do and will give you peace of mind that she will not physically injure another dog. The basket style ones are ideal as they allow the dog to pant. You can also get a bright yellow lead which signals to other walkers to keep their dog away from yours. Not everyone knows about the yellow dog project though, but the combination of a muzzle and keeping her on lead - most people will keep out of your way!

Claphands Sat 29-Feb-20 08:12:57

Hi, thank you, we do know her history but not why she hates other dogs, maybe she wasn’t socialised properly? My friend suggested the same re the muzzle yesterday so we can definitely do that, I don’t think she goes looking for dogs to bark at but can’t ignore them either!

There are a lot of clueless dog owners I’ve decided, they blithely walk up to you without a care or worry.

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TeacupRex Sat 29-Feb-20 12:50:52

It could be a lack of socialisation, or maybe a bad experience - sounds like she's barking as a warning to other dogs to stay away and this aggression could be fear based.

Unfortunately so many owners are oblivious! The amount of people I see who are just totally reckless around other dogs is ridiculous. I've had complete strangers at the park come up to my dog, put their faces right up to him to kiss him (yuck).. they are very lucky he's docile, they just don't seem to realise how much danger they put themselves in :/

FLOrenze Sun 01-Mar-20 09:58:30

My rescue hates dogs too. She is a lot better now but we always have to distract her. I wear a treat belt and as soon as I see another dog, I click or say look at me. She then turns her head for the treat. The idea is that when she sees another dog she knows that she is going to get a treat. It does not always work, she wears a yellow ‘KEEP YOUR DISTANCE’ coat so that dog owners are aware. I have to be vigilant and will cross the road or take another direction when possible. If that is not feasible I make her sit and feed her her treats.

I also have a perfect fit harness, on the recommendation of the Behaviourist. This stops her lunging forward because it has a D ring between her shoulders and another under her chest. If she does rear upwards, it is easy for me to hold her secure by her harness and turn myself between her and the dog.

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