Books/resources for ‘problem’ dogs please

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Twinklebinkletoes Thu 27-Feb-20 16:16:59

Can anyone recommend any good books/YouTube/online resources for ‘problem’ dogs?

Our two year old Cavalier has suddenly started pulling on the lead, being reactive to other dogs on the lead and going mad when any dogs go past garden. He also jumps up at strangers (though not at us or family). These are new behaviors that have emerged over the course of the past year (I think it’s to do with having him castrated which we did at one year old on the advice of our vet). Prior to this we had no issues.

We do trick training with him so he responds well to treats/praise in that respect. I need to get him under control so any recommendations for resources/good authors or methods that work gratefully received.

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SutterCane Thu 27-Feb-20 17:33:20

Dog Training Advice and Support and Reactive Dogs (UK) are excellent resources for general training issues and reactivity (regardless of cause) respectively.

Emily Larlham/Kikopup on YouTube is brilliant.

Beverley Courtney has two very good series of books; 'Essential Skills for a Brilliant Family Dog' and 'Essential Skills for Your Growly But Brilliant Family Dog'. The first book in the former series is actually available for free on her website or you can get the Kindle edition free on Amazon.

Sally Gutteridge has written lots of excellent books geared towards the owners of reactive dogs and her 'Canine Communication' book should be a must read for dog owners.

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