So worried about my pup.

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Booboostwo Thu 27-Feb-20 12:28:12

I feel for you. As well as my elbow dysplasia doggie I have one suffering with either the awful effects of IBD or the awful side effects of steroids and he’s only 18mo. Sometimes the reality of dog ownership is heart breaking.

Fingers crossed for your little one.

MultipleMum5 Thu 27-Feb-20 10:32:53

Thankyou for your response.

I’m not sure how much longer I can cope.

She’s had 4 GAs so far. She needs her right leg doing too, if her left leg ever gets sorted out.

Vet has advised short lead walks but nothing seems to be improving. She has a physio assessment next week.

She’s on supplements and pain relief and a high quality diet.

I have several children who just want to play with her and love her. We have been managing this since she was 8 months old. Right now I feel like she’s never going to have a normal life.

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Booboostwo Thu 27-Feb-20 10:26:36

That is really bad luck, your poor puppy.

The best person to advise you is your vet as each case is different. Unfortunately it seems like your dog has a very severe case. I’ve had a dog with luxating patelas but he managed ok. I was careful not to let him jump and always exercise within his tolerances. His last few years he had metacam to help from time to time but he lived to 14yo.

Cartilage can be rebuilt but it all depends on the initial loss. It is very likely that your dog may be lame from time to time and that things may get worse with arthritis as she gets older. Hydrotherapy and physiotherapy May help as supportive treatments and may reduce or delay the need for medications like anti-inflammatories.

Has she had a lot of GAs? I have a dog with elbow dysplasia who had 7 GAs in the first 14 months of his life to stabilize the elbow dysplasia but now he has chronic pancreatitis because of the GAs and heart arythmias probably because of the pancreatitis. It’s heart breaking and he’s only 3yo.

TeacupRex Wed 26-Feb-20 20:25:37

That's so heartbreaking, such a young puppy to be suffering from leg problems so early on. sad Did they also diagnose her with arthritis at all along with the patellas? The cartilage loss makes me think of osteoarthritis. What breed is she?

There's no way to tell unfortunately - if it was just the patella luxation, the operation and some rehabilitation therapy (like hydrotherapy) then that usually fixes the problem and the dog can go back to regular exercise.. but if there are other underlying conditions - and I'd be very wary of other things popping up, it's unusual for such a young dog to have severe patella luxation in both legs at just 1 year old. Poor pup sad

MultipleMum5 Wed 26-Feb-20 19:59:15

My pup has just turned one.

She has severe patella luxation in both legs. Had her first operation 6 weeks ago.

Recovery is slow due to major cartilage loss.

What does major cartilage loss mean for my dog long term? Even when she’s recovered from the operations, will she be able to run again?

My heart is breaking for her. She’s had a shit life so far and been in and out of the vets for months.

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