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Puppy essentials

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TheletterZ Wed 26-Feb-20 13:28:16

Hello all 👋

We are planning on getting a puppy, lots of reasons but mainly to help teenager with very low mood. We have had dogs before but they were older dogs, 2 (almost) Yorkshire terriers that we rehomed, one at 9 months and the other at 4 months and a 3 year old rescue street dog. So we have never actually had a puppy before. We currently have a 5 year old Yorkie.

So I have two questions really,

1) we are considering a cavershon - anyone any experience of the mix?
2) what essentials do we need to get in for the puppies arrival? (Eventually it will sleep on teen’s bed but will use a large travel crate to start with)

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Girlintheframe Thu 27-Feb-20 05:06:31

I would say

Old towels
Same food as breeder is giving pup initially
Enzyme cleaner for accidents
Puppy pen or baby gate to keep put in/out certain areas
Couple of toys - I wouldn't spend a lot until you see what kind of toys he likes. Ours liked things like plastic bottles/boxes initially .
Couple of bones for teething
Puppy collar/lead
Puppy shampoo
Also need to consider how pup will travel in the car
Sure there are things I've forgot!

TheletterZ Thu 27-Feb-20 09:17:16

Thank you. It is exciting getting a pup rather than an older dog, though they were/are brilliant.

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TinglyFeets Thu 27-Feb-20 10:03:45

Shoes that slip on easily (e.g. crocs) and a torch - for nightime wees.

Flutteringsatlast Thu 27-Feb-20 10:11:34

Girlintheframe I can categorically say the dpuppy will already come with bowels...
Add poo bags to the list op!!

veryphishy Thu 27-Feb-20 10:22:15

We used a harness from when we got our puppy so he was used to wearing one. He has a julius k9 harness.

We use that for him in the car with an attachment to clip on to in the boot.
If you have a boot big enough for him to travel in, do that. Our seats and door on our last car were scratched and stained from muddy dogs trying to look out of the window.

Ours love the car and I dread having a dog that doesn't or is car sick. Get them used to car journeys ASAP.

We used toilet training pads but if we did again we wouldn't for long. We used them for too long.
My friend used a bell by the back door that she taught her puppy to hit when he needed to go out, it worked brilliantly.

I loved going out and getting all the puppy stuff, I was so excited

inwood Thu 27-Feb-20 10:26:49

I may be wrong but aren't the King Charles crosses likely to have the same health issues as the pure breeds? Hip dysplasia and heart issues off the top of my head?

For puppy stuff we always had a ticking alarm clock and a hot water bottle for the bed area to mimic warmth and noise of mum and litter mates.

Car seatbelt / harness

Nylabones / kongs

TheletterZ Thu 27-Feb-20 14:03:05

Thank you all. Going to get the supplies tomorrow before picking him up. We went to visit today and he is absolutely gorgeous.

He was with his litter and a very happy content mum. They have been fed on a raw diet. So I am pretty happy they are genuinely home reared.

I don't think we chose this one, he very much chose my daughter.

Now the tricky part - choosing a name! Current favourites are: Kipling, Apollo, Tobermory

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SutterCane Thu 27-Feb-20 14:28:57

inwood raises a very important about health issues in CKCS crosses.

The CKCS is absolutely riddled with health issues and it's very important to note that some of the most serious (Chiari-like Malformation/Syringomyelia) and the most widespread (Mitral Valve Disease) can't be reliably avoided just by crossing a CKCS to another breed. This is particularly true when crossing to another breed (in this case the Bichon) which can also be affected by the same health issues: the Bichon listed amongst breeds other than the CKCS which are known to be affected by CM/SM. Small breeds, including the Bichon, are also more prone to developing MVD although it tends to be at a greater age than in the CKCS.

Any breeder of CKCS crosses, especially if they're crossing to another small breed, should still be following the recommended breeding protocols for both Syringomyelia and Mitral Valve Disease. Unfortunately very few breeders of either pedigree CKCSs or their crosses do follow all the recommendations for health testing schemes and breeding protocols.

Poppinjay Thu 27-Feb-20 17:00:59

We bought a back because we have carpets in some downstairs areas. Best thing we bought!

Poppinjay Thu 27-Feb-20 23:29:12

We bought a back because we have carpets in some downstairs areas. Best thing we bought!

Oh for heaven's sake! We bought a Vax. Bloody autocorrect!

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