RIP my beautiful girl..

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Flutteringsatlast Wed 26-Feb-20 10:11:23

Ddog was pts last night. Truly feel punched in the stomach...
Heartbroken and feel lost.
Have other ddogs to focus on but wow wasn't expecting this sick feeling.

Assuming it gets easier?

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FruitorCheese Wed 26-Feb-20 11:08:49

Yes, but in the meantime concentrate on being as normal as possible for your other dogs.
In time you'll start to smile at the lovely/funny things she did.

RedRed9 Wed 26-Feb-20 11:17:41

I’m so sorry OP. Was DDog very ill?

Flutteringsatlast Wed 26-Feb-20 12:13:47

Ddog had cancer last year. Successful surgery.
Certain symptoms remained and vet suggested likely a brain tumour.
At 10 + and finding a heart murmur post op we knew she was on borrowed time. Sadly aggressive episodes started and one resulted in another of our ddogs being attacked. No injuries but scared dh as he was there and had to handle /manage the situation. 2 weeks of super vigilance until yesterday - no option we knew but by hell it was awful. Hats off to all others who have stayed til the end. Very oddly a news item about how ddogs look for owners who don't stay appeared on my phone.. I was always going to be but a bit creepy!
She was very calm and was sedated prior to the iv.
Have requested ashes back...

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Languishingfemale Wed 26-Feb-20 21:34:17

So very sorry. Be gentle on yourself. People here understand. flowers

Twinklestar222 Wed 26-Feb-20 22:22:28

It does get easier but you have to give time time. flowers

So very, very sorry for your loss.

Girlintheframe Thu 27-Feb-20 04:52:08

thanks so sorry op


Toomanygerbils Thu 27-Feb-20 05:04:56

So sorry, I held my little boys paw when he went and it was awful. Glad I was there for him but nearly broke me. Two years on I was ready to adopt and love my pup, I know people who could adopt after a month though

spiderlight Fri 28-Feb-20 12:09:22

So very sorry. It's incredibly hard sad

mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Fri 28-Feb-20 16:22:35

I am sorry for you and your dh. I had this 3 years ago. My comfort was that my dear old dog had been very poorly on and off for a year or two and it was definitely time she did not have to go through that any more. She is on my screensaver and my parrot and I have a look at her and say hello to her most days (when new dog is not in the room!).

Pol16 Fri 28-Feb-20 16:33:30

I feel so sorry for you and send you warm thoughts. I love my cat so much and know I will feel desolate when’s he’s gone, so can understand your pain as much as I am able to.

BiteyShark Fri 28-Feb-20 16:37:53

So sorry thanks

Mrscaindingle Fri 28-Feb-20 18:33:13

I'm so sorry, I know how you feel my Dboy was PTS today and I don't know what to do with myself I am a snivelling snotty mess as is DS2. He was my first ever dog and had health problems from the get go.
He was 6 which is very young especially for a terrier, it's the coming home to the toys lying around, the uneaten food in the fridge and the coat pockets with biscuits and poo bags that have taken me unawares.
It is very hard 💔

Flutteringsatlast Fri 28-Feb-20 19:27:55

Just managed to take our other ddogs out. They don't seem to be reacting to the loss - maybe too soon? Or maybe they felt the tension these last few weeks? How can the house be so quiet when still so many in it?

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Flutteringsatlast Fri 28-Feb-20 19:28:41

Just realised I forgot the obligatory pic...

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RedRed9 Fri 28-Feb-20 19:55:03

She was beautiful OP. 💛🌈

Flutteringsatlast Fri 28-Feb-20 19:58:06

Thank you all so much. Dc weren't as close to her as me, dh is also gutted. He has know her 7 years, very much aided our relationship at the start - if she hadn't liked him he would have had to go!
Hadn't realised how 'human' she seemed - nobody to chat to now - she was 1 of a kind.
A tough first weekend home busy without her.


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rottiemum88 Fri 28-Feb-20 20:19:00

She was lovely OP. RIP beautiful girl thanks

GeraltOfRivia Fri 28-Feb-20 21:22:01

I'm so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful girl x

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