Issues post kennel cough

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user1471453601 Mon 24-Feb-20 17:44:48

Hi, id appreciate some advice please. Darling dog was diagnosed last week with probable kennel cough.

Because the vet could hear something on her chest, and her breathing was shallow and fast, he gave her antibiotics.

One week later, her cough is much better, but her breathing is still bad. She is bright in herself and as greedy as ever.

Back at the vet today and they are doing a CT scan tomorrow. Her breathing is still shallow and She gets out of breath walking upstairs.

I'm petrified. We've only had her two years, she was a rescue dog and is about nine years old.

We love her so much. Can anyone give me any information about these symptoms? Good news welcome, but also realistic ideas about what may be happening will help me prepare my self.

Thanks in advance

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