Dog has bloody diarrhoea but otherwise ok... vet or no?

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aestas Sat 22-Feb-20 16:53:16

Just that- my border collie was up several times last night wanting to go outside. I had thought she just had an upset stomach after a very long walk (it's happened before) but we noticed the blood in the morning and she's just done it again. Maybe a teaspoon of fresh blood, not mixed in.

She is vaccinated, flea-d and wormed recently, hasn't been anywhere new, doesn't tend to eat anything she shouldn't, doesn't chew at sticks. Otherwise she seems fine in herself.

Does she need to see a vet, or shall I see how she goes tomorrow?

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Beamur Sat 22-Feb-20 16:58:48

If it was my dog, I'd leave it until tomorrow.
My dog occasionally has a slightly bloody stool if she's had an upset stomach. She's an older dog now but has had a delicate constitution around food for as long as I've had her. In 4 years she's not needed to see a vet for this and is in otherwise reasonable health for her age.
I'd keep an eye on your dog, make sure she's eating, drinking and toileting as normal but if the blood continues another day I would get it checked.

aestas Sat 22-Feb-20 17:09:21

Thank you- that was my instinct. Hopefully she feel better soon!

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Tdaadfb100 Sat 22-Feb-20 17:11:25

Vet. Now. Our dog seemed fine, just off his food and slightly darker urine. We’ve now paid about 6 grand for our rescue dog as we didn’t get to the vet earlier. Blood transfusion; the works. Go. Just in case. You would never forgive yourself otherwise x

Lonecatwithkitten Sat 22-Feb-20 17:26:54

If there is blood in the diarrhoea then they should be seen by a vet as there is a significant risk of Septicaemia as the gut barrier is breached.

NotwhereIshouldbe Sat 22-Feb-20 17:34:05

Small amounts of blood is usually due to straining which is not uncommon when they have an upset stomach. If they are eating and drinking still and bright and alert I would monitor overnight. If in doubt then definitely pop to the vets. Hope your pooch feels better soon.

literalsunshine Sat 22-Feb-20 17:41:29

My dog has this sometimes, on the advice of my vet I feed her chicken and rice only until her stools are back to normal


pigsDOfly Sat 22-Feb-20 17:42:09

I wouldn't leave it. Dogs can very often mask feeling unwell, and you've no idea what's going on inside an animal.

Bloody coming from places it shouldn't always rings alarm bells for me.

ProperVexed Sat 22-Feb-20 17:59:51

One of my labs regularly has liquid poo. The vet told me not to worry about small amounts of blood and mucus in it. She ( the ddog) is ok after a day of chicken or fish and rice. He is also on Burns potato and pork as her main food which has been a huge improvement for her bowels.

frostedviolets Sun 23-Feb-20 08:31:53

My collie has had this twice but more severe than you describe.

The first was bloody diarrhoea as a puppy, think the vet diagnosed Gardia.

Then again as an adult, that time was very serious, she was bleeding copious amounts, enough to saturate her bed and the toilet area outside and very weak/lethargic.

I’m not sure if I’d contact over a response of fresh, I think I’d wait in case it was just a bit of trauma as you said she’d been going all night.

If it doesn’t get better soon I’d take her.

frostedviolets Sun 23-Feb-20 08:33:07

TEASPOON of fresh blood.
Quite why that autocorrected to response I don’t know 🤷‍♀️

Callimanco Sun 23-Feb-20 08:35:27

My dog gets this when his food is too rich (certain good quality kibbles). We feed him chicken, white fish, sweet potato and rice for a few days.

aestas Sun 23-Feb-20 09:49:38

Morning, thank you all for your replies. I decided to keep an eye on her and take her to the vet with any further sign of trouble. She didn't wake us overnight and has eaten and drunk this morning, no poo yet, acting very normal. Just if you wanted an update on my dog's bowel habits!

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Beamur Sun 23-Feb-20 09:57:45

Thanks for the pic! grin

adaline Sun 23-Feb-20 12:48:23

A tiny amount of blood can be normal with a stomach bug, or it could be colitis. Ours has had it a couple of times. It wouldn't signal to me that a vet visit was required unless it lasted more than 24h or came with other symptoms.

Glad she's feeling better grin

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