3 year old lab x pooing at night. Why?!

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cappuccinoextrashot Fri 21-Feb-20 08:29:23


So she was actually a fairly easy puppy to train. Stopped having accidents quite early on, but only on hard floor. If we left her in the living room where there's carpet, she'd always have accidents. Don't know if that's a thing 🤔

Anyway, the only time now that she poos at night, is when she has an off tummy or is just about to, so I just roll with it and don't worry.

The last few weeks though, she's having increasing accidents and she's not got diarrhoea.

She's fed twice a day. First time around 10 and second around 6.30. Main one in the morning. The evening feed is just a couple of handfuls of biscuits really. We used to feed her around 5, but then she would have bilious vomiting, so our vet told us to feed her later.

She goes out in the garden lots at night and I know she's done at least one poo after dinner.

The only difference I can think of is that she's not getting the same exercise. All our walks are flooded and so it's usually just a lead walk around the block, plus lots of play with our other dog before bed. She's got a lot of energy though, so she needs a proper run.

Could it be this?

Like I said, she's definitely going before bed and we don't give her loads of food.

Advice very much appreciated smile

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Fizzlestix Sat 22-Feb-20 00:47:25

The carpet thing is because they naturally look for somewhere that is absorbent

If her activity is lower would it be worth reducing her food?
I’d also consider some brain games with her - training and food puzzles

Is there anywhere you can get to safely that isn’t flooded? Or is there a way you can make her current walk more challenging, lots of training on the walk? Stop and starting, teach her to weave around your legs, sniff out food, wait and the catch you up or anything else you can think of?

Are you sure she’s all ok health wise - is she ok for everything else?

Why did she vomit when she ate earlier? I’ve not heard of that before (genuine question as we’re about to change our feeding times!)

adaline Sat 22-Feb-20 07:41:26

Sounds like she's not getting enough exercise. Walks and runs stimulate the dogs bowels and encourage them to go to the toilet.

If all you can manage is pavement walks then you need to lengthen them considerably - a walk around the block just isn't enough for a young lab.

cappuccinoextrashot Sat 22-Feb-20 15:09:37

@Fizzlestix, ah...so they're just being practical then grin Yes, we've tried to up her playtime and teach her new tricks etc. She was vomiting because she had an empty tummy for too long, so her stomach would produce too much acid. If we feed her before 6, that normally happens.

@adaline, you're right, it isn't, but it's been so hard around here to actually find anywhere that isn't under water.

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Booboostwo Sat 22-Feb-20 16:00:19

Sounds like she has undiagnosed gastrointestinal problems.I'd take her back to the vets.

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