Advice for potential dog owner please

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maybegreyhound Thu 20-Feb-20 11:46:03

We're seriously thinking about getting a dog but I would like any expert dog owners opinions.

It seems that a retired greyhound would be a good fit for us but I haven't done a huge amount of research as yet.

We've not had a dog before but I've looked after other people's over the years.

DS is 5 and at school. He's nervous around dogs but I think it would be good for him. He's not a loud or boisterous child.

I work at home and could have a dog bed in my work room. I have the time to spend with the dog while working and wouldn't need to leave it much (10 minute school run twice a day)

We have room for a crate in the kitchen with a bed in.

Our garden isn't massive but is enclosed and has grass and paved areas.
We have fields behind the house that aren't enclosed. A 10 minute walk away there is an enclosed dog field.

For holidays and long days out, we'd leave the dog with my parents. I also have a neighbour with a key who would let it in the garden in an emergency.

We will probably wait til school holidays to get one so we can focus on it more

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DogInATent Thu 20-Feb-20 11:54:25

DS is 5 and at school. He's nervous around dogs but I think it would be good for him.
I'd wait until he's less nervous around dogs before imposing a dog on him at home where he (presumably) feels safe and secure. Do you have any friends with dogs that you could go walking with?

maybegreyhound Thu 20-Feb-20 12:17:38

Thanks. I think that's a good plan.
He's just not used to them rather than scared
Having said that when we've stayed at my sisters house, he loves her spaniel. Unfortunately she's overseas and we can't go this year.

I will arrange to see friends with dogs with DS

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Scattyhattie Thu 20-Feb-20 12:44:02

I've had 3 retired greyhounds & a lurcher if have any questions.

It sounds like a good fit, just make sure you you do a bit of training early on to help adjust to periods alone if your around a lot so can cope when you do need to go out for a few hours.

I got a pair of greyhounds as my first dogs which involved similar new puppy skills (housetraining, socialisation, training) but still way less intensive & they sleep loads. There are plenty that have spent time in a home so you may even skip some of that.

Greyhounds tend to be more towards dignified than excited with greetings (their excited still isn't as full on as a happy lab grin) which can suit those that are feeling apprehensive.
In the mean time you could let son build up time in their company, the Rescues can probably assist, they often do events, meet & greets in various places or can visit kennels if they have them.

There's also lot of greyhound owner walking groups (check Facebook) these maybe too overwhelming for son right now but could arrange to just meet a couple instead on same day. Dog people love to talk about dogs.

Be warned some advice will be crap though so definitely need to research as first time owner its easy to listen to wrong things ( dominance must eat first to show pecking order, using aversives like water spray/noisy can to interrupt behavior, all greyhounds have terrible digestion & stinky fart - no its a symptom something in food doesn't suit)

maybegreyhound Thu 20-Feb-20 16:38:16

Thank you Scatty. That's very helpful

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