Buying a cockapoo

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 19:35:55

We saw a Cockapoo yesterday. My parents are buying one from the litter too. We went along for a visit and decided to buy one too. We have been planning on getting a dog for a couple of years so not a snap judgement.

These have clearly been well socialised, born in and living in the family home . Not a puppy farm. Seen Mum and Dad and they are lovely. Toilet training coming on nicely.

The pups come wormed up to date and micro chipped. All good so far. Pups ready to come at 8 weeks old. They are lively, friendly, clean eyes, ears, noses and bottoms.

The things that are giving me second thoughts are;

No mention of PRA testing.
No mention of hip dysplasia testing.
The breeder will not have vaccinated them, says it's best to get the 1st 2nd and 2l3rd round of vaccines all done at your own vets so no issues about brand of vaccine.

Should I be worried?
Have you had all the testing/test done for your cockapoo?

Anyone experienced hip dysplasia/PRA?

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 19:46:02

Have just asked the breeder and she has shown me that the parents of the Mum and Dad puppies tested clear on eyesight, therefore the puppies will also be. Is that right?

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SutterCane Wed 19-Feb-20 20:02:41

If both parents were tested clear of PRA then there's no possibility of the pups being anything other than clear themselves so that's fine.

It would be preferable to see a BVA eye test for each parent, particularly checking the cocker for signs of predisposition towards glaucoma.

Hips having been done would be ideal but neither cockers or miniature poodles are really routinely scored (e.g. in 2018 only 126 cockers and 21 miniature poodles were scored), even if you were looking at pedigrees there's not many litters about with hip scores for both parents.

The Cockapoo Club page on health testing is worth a read through.

Kirkman Wed 19-Feb-20 20:05:04

You saw both parents?

The breeder owns both mum and dad?

That's quite unusual for someone who doesnt produce lots of litters of puppies.

Can I ask what attracted you/your parents to a cockapoo rather than cocker or poodle?

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 20:16:45

I like the idea of a cockapoo as smaller than a Lab which I have previously owned. Same for my parents. Not as aesthetically drawn to a poodle. I like Cockers a lot. Cockapoos are cute!

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 20:17:36

Yes, breeder owns Mum and Dad.

This is third and final litter.

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Yamihere Wed 19-Feb-20 20:19:15

The vaccination thing is nothing to worry about. I know of some puppies who had to get their first injections twice because the different vets used a different brand than the breeder.
However I know of a few cockapoos with bad hips, one is only a year old and is scheduled to get a hip replacement so I would do more research to see if this could be an issue.
Easy peasy puppy squeezy is a good starter book for raising puppies if you need puppy raising info.


Kirkman Wed 19-Feb-20 20:25:44

I am not trying to be an arse, because i know lots of cockapoos and they are great dogs.

But you do realise that most cockapoos look identical to poodles?

Third and final litter, how old is the mum?

Look all my concerns come from the high amount of people crossing poodles, lying about the advantages, lying about what you are likely going to get and then the owners end up with a dog they cant handle.

Cockers and poodles are high energy breeds cockapoos are high energy. They need lots of grooming, especially, if their coat is poodle like. They could grow up and have a cocker coats that sheds.

Poodle crosses tend to be very expensive and come from less than responsible breeders. Tend to, not always.

As I said, them owning both parents is a bit of a red flag for me.

I assume they are going to spay the mother?

I would be really careful, because usually these dogs arent retired as family pets. They surrendered to a rescue and a new younger female is used. I am guessing they already have at least one female that is younger than your pups mother, but coming up to the age for breeding?

Just be careful. Research the breed. Research both poodle and poodles. As you could get any variation of the 2.

Kirkman Wed 19-Feb-20 20:26:56

I like the idea of a cockapoo as smaller than a Lab which I have previously owned

Cockers are already smaller than labs. Unless you have an unusual small lab compared to an unusually large cocker.

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 20:29:45

Thank you. I already have a cat and dog groomer who comes to the house every six weeks for my cats and am going to have her clip and groom the dog for me. I will be grooming twice a week in addition.

No there isnt another, younger female cockapoo there.

But I really appreciate the advice, after all that I what I am asking for. Thank you Kirkman

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 20:37:57

@Kirkman the Mum is six years old

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chickedeee Wed 19-Feb-20 20:42:54

If something doesn't feel right then it probably isn't

Sounds like they were trying too hard to impress

Walk away this is the only way to stop puppy farms

behindlocknumbernine Wed 19-Feb-20 20:50:25

You decided to buy one too, and a pup was available? No waiting list?
The bitch is on her third litter?

Not sure about this set up.

Stellaris22 Wed 19-Feb-20 20:55:00

A family dog that's had a third litter is a big warning sign for me. I would also question if it really will be the final litter or if they're just saying that.

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 20:58:50

Okay sure. I guess the growing unease in the pit of my stomach needs to be listened to.

My parents are going ahead with it.

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Crockof Wed 19-Feb-20 21:04:10

Sorry but I'd also feel uneasy, I've met a few that have the worst traits of both. Are they registered with the local council?

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:04:45

Can I post the link to their advert?

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:05:45

Thanks @Crockof

I don't know how to find out if they are registered with vouncil

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Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:16:38

The breeder encourages regular visits to see the puppies once you have put down deposit and she sends regular video and photo updates, if that is anything to go by?

I so wish I didnt have the odd niggling doubt

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Toria70 Wed 19-Feb-20 21:21:29

The owning Mum and Dad sounds very odd.

And a 3rd litter? That's bloody cruel on the Mum.

I'd be very wary OP. Are they coming with free insurance for the 1st couple of weeks?

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:23:12

Yes. Micro chipped and a month of insurance. They have been wormed at 2/4/6 weeks

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missmouse101 Wed 19-Feb-20 21:26:00

CockERpoo, surely? Anyway, the vaccine thing is quite correct. I'm a veterinary receptionist and it's much better for all vaccines to be done by the new owner's vet.

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:27:49


Does the rest of the set up sound dodgy to you? As someone in the know?

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missmouse101 Wed 19-Feb-20 21:36:42

Hmm well it sounds like the correct medical things have been done, but they're obviously just churning out pups to make money. Perhaps not a 'puppy farm' as such but they are clearly going for making as much money as possible from family pets. The three litters is a concern, yes. Have they really grilled you about the kind of homes they'll be going to or are they just trying to give you the hard sell?

Iw24wImI Wed 19-Feb-20 21:41:38

Definitely not the hard sell at all. They were going to keep the pup I decided to have yesterday. In fact, it was only a few hours after I left that we contacted the breeder and asked her if I could get him.
I'd already told her I was planning on probably getting a Lab bitch later this year. No hard sell at all. The lady seemed lovely.

She hasn't asked loads about our home but was just genuinely happy that two of her dogs were going to members of the same family and would continue to see each other through their lives.

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