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bluenoir Wed 19-Feb-20 13:22:03

We are getting a puppy who will be KC registered, the breeder doesn't have a prefix.

Will the puppy come with a KC name?

Just curious!

Thank you

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TeacupRex Wed 19-Feb-20 13:50:14

What breed is the puppy? KC registered pedigree dogs should have a kennel affix in their KC name somewhere..

Only reason I ask is I've heard some unscrupulous breeders signing otherwise unregistered puppies (no pedigree) onto the KC activity register which any dog can sign up to in order to compete in sports like agility or flyball, so that they can advertise their puppies as KC registered.

Wolfiefan Wed 19-Feb-20 13:53:39

Yes the breeder should have a kennel name.

SutterCane Wed 19-Feb-20 13:54:30

If the pup is KC registered then they will have an official name on their paperwork. When a breeder don't have an affix the pups can be registered without one or they can use the KC's own affix which changes each year but always begins with Ken-.

tabulahrasa Wed 19-Feb-20 13:55:20

“KC registered pedigree dogs should have a kennel affix in their KC name somewhere”

It’s fairly common for small breeders not to have a kennel affix...

But yes the puppies will have KC names.

FuckyNel Wed 19-Feb-20 13:55:32

My pug is “rosey lee cup of tea” 😂

BiteyShark Wed 19-Feb-20 14:07:16

We picked our kennel club name as the breeder asked what we wanted him registered as.


Wasail Wed 19-Feb-20 14:18:36

A breeder has to apply for a prefix if they want one and it costs money but will then protect their name so that no one else can use the same prefix. It helps breeders and those in the know to track pedigree and lineage. Anyone can register puppies who have two KC registered parents of the same breed on the KC without a prefix.
There can arise a situation where by a breeder with a great reputation stops breeding and lets the prefix go for another unscrupulous breeder to take the old breeders prefix. It has happened in the states with my dogs breed and has led to some confusion as the new owner of the prefix is a puppy farm

Wolfiefan Wed 19-Feb-20 14:27:22

I would worry a breeder without a prefix wasn’t breeding for proper reasons. Just after the cash and wouldn’t want to spend any on a prefix.

Wasail Wed 19-Feb-20 15:10:20

Wolfie having a prefix does not mean it’s not a puppy mill. If you are getting a breed that is relatively rare it is easy enough to get to know the prefixes of the well known breeders and you start to spot them in pedigrees but if your getting something like a Labrador it’s a lot harder to work your way through the minefield.

Wolfiefan Wed 19-Feb-20 15:22:06

@Wasail of course not. But why would you be a good and knowledgable breeder who cares about welfare and not protect your name and investment?
I would expect a backyard breeder or puppy farmer just after cash.

LochJessMonster Wed 19-Feb-20 15:24:33

They might not have a prefix but your pup will have a KC name.

ACoupleofPeaches Wed 19-Feb-20 15:29:24

I've known serious breeders not give their prefix to puppies they are not keeping so as to prevent their prefix cropping up in a show ring attached to 'sub standard' dogs.

(no dog is sub standard; they are all beautiful and perfect)

tabulahrasa Wed 19-Feb-20 15:47:07

“But why would you be a good and knowledgable breeder who cares about welfare and not protect your name and investment?”

If they only breed every 5 years or so some aren’t that bothered by a prefix

Wolfiefan Wed 19-Feb-20 15:52:26

I would still question why they are breeding. Working dogs? Simply for cash?
Those who invest real time and money and care in a litter want to put their kennel name on it.

BiteyShark Wed 19-Feb-20 16:49:01

Looking at the insignificant cost of registering a kennel name I wouldn't hold any value to it personally. If it meant anything significant to the majority of buyers then puppy farms would cough up the small amount and push that fact and charge even more.

If you are concerned about having a specific kennel name prefix for your puppy e.g. for showing where I suspect having a descendant from a certain kennel is probably seen as significant then yes I think it does mean something to the buyer.

FurryMuzzles Wed 19-Feb-20 16:57:37

Many people breed for the next generation of working dogs and would never bother with a prefix because they don't compete.

They are not breeding for £. They are breeding to get their next worker and homing the rest of the litter - if there is any.

Anthia Wed 19-Feb-20 17:52:14

Yes I wouldn't worry about it necessarily either. Your pup will have a KC registered name and number regardless of whether the breeder has their own Kennel Name or not.

I show dogs and breed occasionally, I have friends that also show regularly but may only have one or two litters in 20-30 years as breeding isn't of interest to them. There is little point them paying the Kennel Club annual maintenance fee for a Kennel Name that they hardly ever use.

The same applies to working dog owners i.e. Labs, cocker spaniel, springers and some other breeds.

GrumpyMiddleAgedWoman Wed 19-Feb-20 22:13:55

But why would you be a good and knowledgable breeder who cares about welfare and not protect your name and investment?
Because they breed a single litter every four years or so to continue their own line, aren't into showing or field trials or whatever. It doesn't mean that someone is unscrupulous.

TBH, if I was in the market for a puppy, I'd be more interested in the pedigree of the puppy than whether or not the breeder had a kennel name. I'd rather have a puppy with no affix but some excellent working dogs up its lines than a puppy with a kennel name but indifferent ancestry. Likewise if I was looking for a stud dog, I'd look at his ancestry and what he had actually done and what health tests he had, rather than whether he had a fancy-pants affix.

iVampire Sat 22-Feb-20 13:17:14

My KC registered puppy was registered by the breeder (who also needed to have written confirmation from owner of the stud dog)

No affix, because it’s a family dog (vulnerable breed) where they have a litter only once in a while

Darklane Sat 22-Feb-20 16:17:31

As has been said, if they are only breeding an occasional litter they may very well not bother with an affix. It can be very expensive. Once upon a time you paid to register your affix with the Kennel Club & you could then choose to pay the annual maintenance fee or pay what was then a substantial amount to consolidate it “ for life”. I did that as I was showing & occasionally breeding one of the rare breeds that are now on the At Risk list. But then the cheeky KC changed the rules & the lifetime that many of us had paid for became null & void & you had to start paying annually again at an increased price.. that’s when & why I let my affix lapse as the few litters I had didn’t justify the expense. Incidentally your kennel name is classed as both an affix or a prefix, depending on whether you have bred the puppy or bought it in. If you breed it your kennel name goes at the front as a prefix, if you buy in a puppy you can add your kennel name to it’s original KC name but only as an affix at the end when you transfer the registration from the breeder to yourself. That’s how in the show ring you can instantly tell if an exhibitor is showing a puppy they’ve bred or one from another breeder.

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