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mintmagnummm Tue 18-Feb-20 12:14:24

Just bought a small bag of the ranger mix to try for my fussy staffy. He's currently on barking heads puppy which he does like but seems to get bored and sometimes leaves lots (he eats the fresh stuff I mix in but leaves the kibble) do any of you use millies and rate it?

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FuriousFlannels Tue 18-Feb-20 14:04:41

I use Millie's - among others. I think it's tip top tbh. One of the best commercial kibble/wet foods out there.

If any dog has a dodgy tummy for whatever reason we always go back to Millie's to get them through it.

Bigmango Tue 18-Feb-20 14:08:37

We’ve just switched from Barking Heads and our dog loves it. Was really not bothered by BH. Did give him a bit of a funny tummy as I switched quickly as per their recommendations. I slowed it down though and now he is fine. Very impressed.

fivedogstofeed Tue 18-Feb-20 14:45:40

I really rate it. I foster dogs and it seems to put condition on malnourished dogs so quickly. Also never had a dog have stomach problems on it, or refuse to eat it. smile

Toria70 Tue 18-Feb-20 14:49:37

I've got two spaniels that are on it. We've tried James Wellbeloved, Barking Heads, Natures Menu and Arden Grange but this is by far the best. Older dog is prone to colitis but never had it on Millie's and our pup has been on it since 4 months. Both have got lots of energy, good teeth and really glossy coats. We buy x4 bags at a time to get the best price deal.

Best dog food on the market as far as I'm concerned.

mintmagnummm Tue 18-Feb-20 15:14:22

Oh this is encouraging thank you! Interesting to see some of you also tried barking heads, had high Hope's for that one

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BreastedBoobilyToTheStairs Tue 18-Feb-20 15:23:00

Millies is great and we used it for the best part of a year. Unfortunately our somewhat fussy dog went off it almost overnight, and would turn up his nose at it regardless of what it was mixed with. We've changed a few times since, and when we've tried him again with millies he still wouldn't touch it. Such a shame because he did very well on it.


MsAdorabelleDearheartVonLipwig Tue 18-Feb-20 20:31:59

We had the same with our dog, he just seemed to get fed up with it. At least I can nip down to the pet shop to buy food now if I’m running low. Millie’s is a pain because you can only order it direct.

Girlintheframe Wed 19-Feb-20 06:47:48

We use Millie's and alternate between a few different flavours. We also use the Millie's fish training treats which he loves

BiteyShark Wed 19-Feb-20 07:42:21

We used to use it and rated it highly but my spoilt dog grin decided he didn't like the flavours anymore. I do still use their turkey training treats which he can't get enough off.

PrayingandHoping Wed 19-Feb-20 07:48:54

Yes! Have done for 4 years. Have a breed that an struggle to keep weight on and one of them has allergies. They have such a wide range of choice to cater for all dietary requirements

MissShapesMissStakes Wed 19-Feb-20 08:18:41

I'm looking at moving to this for my mini poodle. He's been on Orijen for most of the time (he's about 18 months) but I've been reading that some dogs can find it too high in protein and that it has been linked to heart problems due to the use of pea protein and legumes(?).
But then it scores 97% on Allaboutdogfood and Millies scores 87 but then it is slightly lower in protein which is what I was looking for (I think - I've done too much research now!).
He has anal gland issues so needs more fibre and while Orijen has kore fibre I can add something to the food anyway so not a problem.
There are so many flavours for Millies! I'm assuming it's ok to have a couple of them in so there's some variety?

dudsville Wed 19-Feb-20 08:22:30

We only use Millie's, have done for years. We use their treats too.

fluffysticks Wed 19-Feb-20 08:26:34

We only use Millie’s and find it great. Mind you, I have a lab who will eat anything!

Orangesanddachshunds Wed 19-Feb-20 20:14:40

We use millies too, swapped from orijen.
We use the hunter mix as it's the highest meat content mix that they do.

My dogs love it (it's the only biscuit that I feed, and I never mix things in with it) they really are thriving, beautiful coats, lovely muscle definition, and great energy levels. I would highly remeconed!

Girlintheframe Thu 20-Feb-20 06:35:50

We use different flavours within the same range. So different flavours of the 50/50 for us. They have a really helpful team who you can chat to online/phone you can give you really good nutritional advice.

happygertie Thu 20-Feb-20 07:11:33

We use it for our two dogs and they love it. Their favourite is salmon and veg. We switch to it from raw feeding when we got the second dog as raw became too much faffing. We chose Millie's as it was the best quality kibble I could find.

TheFastandTheCurious Thu 20-Feb-20 07:42:44

Been using it for 7 years for our choc lab, we get tracker or highland mix as they are both low fat. Dog loves it, decent firm poos, good skin and nails

mintmagnummm Thu 20-Feb-20 11:13:21

Thanks everyone

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YawnYawnYawnYawnzy Sat 22-Feb-20 19:03:52

Really rate it. Also noticed at places like Crufts they are one of the few places not to need to advertise. They have in-house nutritionists who are good.

mintmagnummm Mon 24-Feb-20 08:02:09

I usually mix things into my boys kibble (liver, tuna, salmon, sardines etc) but he tends to eat this and leave lots of kibble. Grrrrr

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MadameLeFunky Mon 24-Feb-20 08:14:50

Is there a reason you're wedded to the kibble, OP?

Maybe a different mix of propertions might help? e.g. mostly wet but with a little handful of kibble added?

mintmagnummm Mon 24-Feb-20 11:09:52

I usually mix things into my boys kibble (liver, tuna, salmon, sardines etc) but he tends to eat this and leave lots of kibble. Grrrrr

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mintmagnummm Mon 24-Feb-20 11:11:01

madame he has to have kibble otherwise his stools are always loose with mostly wet food

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StarJumpAlertTakeCover Mon 24-Feb-20 12:07:57

Are there ever any discount codes for MW?

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