9 month puppy.. appetite has decreased a lot..

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StillMedusa Sun 16-Feb-20 23:18:54

She's recently finished her first season.. end of January, and really she's been a bit off ever since (defo not pregnant or false pregnancy)

Yes she's always been picky. Best with raw usually but sometimes she completely rejects that.. I'm not bothered bout whether it's raw (which I prefer) or cooked, or canned wet or whatever..just hate seeing her sniff and walk away!

I did put down a much smaller amount this evening. I had to virtually hand feed her a couple of teaspoons worth, and then it was like she remembered she liked food..and ate it. She's always been like that tho.. takes her a while to realise she needs to eat.

I think I'll just weigh her weekly for a while and monitor..and try not to stress about it. I know I'm over anxious with food generally (one of my children battled anorexia for years and so non eating makes me panic a bit..human or dog!)

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EmeraldsAtDawn Sun 16-Feb-20 19:06:43

I think you have been having trouble with loose poos and picky eating on and off for a while, OP? Haven't searched but I recognise your name.

However, teenage dogs can get very picky over food. I think if she were me/mine I would:

- reduce the size of her normal meals to about 80% of what she gets now and see if that makes any difference to her appetite
- use her weight as an indication; if she eats less and doesn't lose then fine, if she starts to lose weight and still refuses meals on a semi regular basis then I would see a vet
- try not to make a big deal out of her refusing to eat; so leave the food down for 15 misn then just pick it up if she doesn't eat

adaline Sun 16-Feb-20 18:58:04

Sounds like she's due in season.

namechanged984630 Sun 16-Feb-20 18:33:31

Could her first season be arriving?

StillMedusa Sun 16-Feb-20 17:58:41

My puppy has never been very food motivated, but the last few days she has barely eaten, and I'm not sure whether to worry or not (well I do worry !)
She has a variety of foods.. mostly raw but some cooked. DIslikes kibble.
She seems well enough, bladder and bowels fine, she just has gradually eaten a lot less. Weighed today and her weight is fine so could it be she just doesn't need much now she's pretty much full size (medium-large breed)? I know quantities go right down once they are adults .
She IS fussy and I know will hold out in hope of cheese , but even if I'm strict she just doesn''t bother. If she does't eat all day she occasionally does bile sick so I want her to eat enough to not have that.
She ate some tripe tonight after virtually nothing today but half of what she used to eat.

I don't want to run to the vets when she seems fine in herself but I don't want be negligent either! Any advice?

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