My new chihuahua with pics

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TheQueenBeyondTheWall Sat 15-Feb-20 09:01:55

I've had him a week and I am completely
In love with him. He's soooo cute. His name is Wilson.

We are about 80% done with toilet training.

He has learned to sit on command. We are
Working on give me your paw and lie down.

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WellFunnyYouShouldSayThat Sat 15-Feb-20 09:02:46

Toooooooo cute. Congrats, dogs are the best.

TheQueenBeyondTheWall Sat 15-Feb-20 09:04:16

A couple more

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TheQueenBeyondTheWall Sat 15-Feb-20 09:06:34

He's so bouncy! He literally just bounces round for an hour, sleeps for an hour then back to bouncing.

I can't wait for the weather to pick up so he can go out for a walk.

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labazsisgoingmad Sat 15-Feb-20 09:13:09

oh he is gorgeous as usual we did not choose our chihuahua he was a rescue he is 2 years old and all his life he has been kept in a cage except for when the boys took him out to abuse him he is terrified of men so my partner has been trying to handle him as much as possible he is quite good with me will come back on a walk albeit leaving car door open so he hops in when he is ready he is a gorgeous boy sleeps with us and i hope one day he will be be ok with my partner he has started spending less time hiding away in the bed and will come down stairs for visits esp if he thinks we are going out in the car! oh he is called moo

labazsisgoingmad Sat 15-Feb-20 09:14:08

sorry what i meant was we never choose any animals they are all rescued guinea pigs ferret and dogs

TheQueenBeyondTheWall Sat 15-Feb-20 11:25:49

That is so sad about moo. At least now he has a good home and is coming out of himself a bit more. I don't know how anyone can mistreat an animal.

Wilson is from another home where he and the older dog just couldn't get on with each other. He wasn't mistreated he was looked after really well but the other dog just couldn't get on with him.

We are trying to socialise him with our two cats and they have come on a bit since we brought him home.

They run from him because he is so excitable when he sees them and then he chases them so they run more! There has been no hissing or growling and he is slowly stopping chasing them and they are slowly getting closer to him and not running as much. They have been sniffing him when he is asleep.

I think the bouncing Around puts them off him.

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TheQueenBeyondTheWall Sat 15-Feb-20 11:26:16

Moo looks dead cute!

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labazsisgoingmad Sat 15-Feb-20 11:54:18

amazes me how much energy they have! i always thought of them as little handbag dogs but moo will run and walk for miles he is amazing. i am sure he will settle with the cats but at the moment he sees them as playthings nice to know you have given him a home and he is happy

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