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ASundayWellSpent Fri 14-Feb-20 14:36:57

I am in the process of informing myself with everything I might need to know about owning a spanish mastiff that I am planning to adopt from the rescue centre.

How much food does your giant breed eat a week? I think I have most other things covered (though would appreciate any tips!) but am trying to work out a weekly food budget. This is an adult 5 ish year old male, of the lighter version of the breed


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Ylvamoon Fri 14-Feb-20 17:54:10

No giant breed but 4 nedium sized dogs weighing around 10-12 kg each. I have a big 12kg bag of kibble tat last around 3 weeks. (Price obviously depending on brand) Mine love gravy bones and get through 1-2 packet/ week.
So definitely think giant when it comes to food. If you go for kibble, there are feeding guidelines on the back to which you can calculate the rough cost - some dogs need more / less than suggested amounts.
I would also check out the vet prices for basics like flea & worm treatments as well as a basic anaesthetic and/ or insurance for the dog.

Witchonastick Fri 14-Feb-20 18:08:49

My giant breed gets through around £90 a month on food and treats.
Flea and worm treatment costs as it goes by weight and he’s 50kg and still growing..will probably end up around 70-80kg.
Likewise vet treatment, especially anything involving anaesthetic or sedation.
Insurance is essential.

Also consider things like bigger beds etc will cost more.

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