Vaccines and puppy training

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FaceClothParty Tue 11-Feb-20 20:54:28

Puppy is 9 weeks and has 1st shots last week, 2nd shots in 4 weeks time. Can I take her t9 puppy trying the week after that? I though5 we could but ve5 talked about waiting 4 weeks after the second jabs....which doesn’t sound righ5 so I wondered if we had crossed wires.

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Booboostwo Tue 11-Feb-20 21:12:39

Why is it 4 weeks to second jabs and then 4 weeks after that? All of mine have been 2 and 2.

That is a very long period to spend without some help for both of you with respect to training. Call around to see if you can find a puppy class that takes them from first vaccinations. Also consider taking her out safely (carrying and/or away from other dogs, feces and water) for socialization purposes.

Girlintheframe Wed 12-Feb-20 06:57:47

Our injections were 2 weeks apart too. Pup had his 2nd injection at 11 weeks then was able to walk on pavements/meet other dogs at 13 weeks.

Lonecatwithkitten Wed 12-Feb-20 12:17:51

Different brands of vaccine have different protocols for primary courses. The most popular U.K. vaccine has 4 weeks between it's two doses of lepto vaccine. Most of the most modern vaccines are second dose 4 weeks after first or 12 weeks of age. Though in certain parts of the world a third dose is given at 16 weeks where there is a very high risk of distemper.
Most brands are licenced for 1 or 2 weeks after the second jab to be on the ground out and about.
Check with the puppy classes if the clean the hall first with disinfectant and only have puppies who have had their first vacc at least two weeks ago or are fully vaccinated it should be fine.

Kirkman Wed 12-Feb-20 17:59:51

Are you in the uk?

FaceClothParty Thu 13-Feb-20 03:20:43

Yes, in U.K.

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Kirkman Thu 13-Feb-20 05:22:29

We had ours 4 weeks apart but our vet said ok to walk 2 weeks after.

Just asking if you are in the uk as I know other countries do different.


Toomanygerbils Thu 13-Feb-20 05:29:57

Your vet is giving you the worst case scenario advice as they should. Not all other dog owners vaccinate and 4 weeks is giving your dog ultimate protection. A dog class should only accept you after your dog has been vaccinated for the appropriate amount of time. You need to keep her in for a couple more weeks to be safe

Booboostwo Thu 13-Feb-20 06:36:37

You need to keep her in to be safe

The puppy will be 17 weeks by then, we’ll beyond the socialization window which closes at 14 weeks (16 if you want to be optimistic) and risks having behavioural problems for life! Puppies need to see the world and owners need to risk assess. Personally I have taken all of mine out (8 so far over the years), carried them when there are other dogs around (or in a buggy if large breed), allowed them to socialize with vaccinated dogs and they start puppy class from first vaccinations which is when all the puppy classes I have been involved with take them.

FaceClothParty Thu 13-Feb-20 08:00:27

I know she’s missing out on Socialization. Puppy class will take her straight after second vaccination. So she’s going.

I want to introduce her to other dogs but no friends with dogs.

I can take her out in a bag I suppose.

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Booboostwo Thu 13-Feb-20 09:01:29

I hope you don't mean a plastic bag!!! In a rucksack that you wear on your front like a sling, or there are plenty of dog carrier options. Talk to your local dog training club for friendly vaccinated dog you might be able to meet.

Kirkman Thu 13-Feb-20 11:32:49

We just carried, our dog everywhere. From when we fostered her, well after she had settled in. And let her socialise with friends dogs who were vaccinated. So from about 8 weeks.

Kirkman Thu 13-Feb-20 11:36:59

Sorry I forgot to say it depends on her size wether you can carry her or notm

Girliefriendlikespuppies Thu 13-Feb-20 22:38:59

We had a puppy sling and took our puppy out in it every day from 8 weeks. The risks of having a poorly socialised dog are just as great if not greater than the risks of disease.

Puppies are meant to have met 100 different people by the time they are 16 weeks old.

ChickLitLover Thu 13-Feb-20 22:45:46

Our dogs had their second vaccinations 4 weeks after their first. They could go out 1 week after their second.

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