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RougeVinEtFromage Tue 11-Feb-20 16:56:23

Has anyone tried this it know anything about it?

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MaxPaddyandHarry Tue 11-Feb-20 17:02:33

We tried it. Our elderly Springer is by no means a big eater, but the portion size was too small. Can you still get a free trial?
It sounded lovely, personalised food and all that, but it is impossible to tell whether it is different from any other dog food.
He currently has food from the Asda Hero range and seems perfectly happy with that.

RoombaSavedMySanity Tue 11-Feb-20 17:06:47

I think when I looked at it they had 4-5 different types of standard kibble they mixed in different proportions for your dog.

I personally felt that to be a bit gimmicky so gave it a miss.

RougeVinEtFromage Tue 11-Feb-20 19:57:33

Yep I'm a sucker for a gimmick I can't lie.

I've been using it for 3 months after a free trial for my 10year old chihuahua and he's honestly thriving on it! I chose to exclude grain because I remember reading somewhere it's a bulker and no good.

However, my friend who feeds her 3 dogs all raw food has just been so smarty arse saying the only reason I have it is because his name is on and shows how clueless I am.

Age 10 I'm not going to switch him to raw food and I don't even really have the freezer space.

What's the next best thing to raw food?

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Stellaris22 Tue 11-Feb-20 20:52:20

I liked butternut box as a raw alternative. Yet to meet a raw feeder who wasn't patronising when I said I don't raw feed.

DragonmotherKhaleesi Tue 11-Feb-20 20:53:34

Have a look on the website 'allaboutdogfood'.
It's totally independent and gives each food a rating based on nutritional content.

MaxPaddyandHarry Tue 11-Feb-20 23:14:54

Dragon mother I have just looked. How our Springer got to the advanced age of 16 I will never know. For at least fourteen years he was fed on Wagg, which appears to be an inferior food, and is currently on Hero (ditto).


AgathaX Wed 12-Feb-20 07:33:51

I wish these online companies would sell sample sized meals. We'd like to try Butternut Box but they don't do samples. Our dog is very fussy (the exact type of dog they are marketing towards) and we really don't want to chuck another £40-50 away buying food we won't eat.

MaxPaddyandHarry Wed 12-Feb-20 07:49:48

AgathaX you can try Tails free. I seem to remember you mix it with your dog's existing food and change gradually.
I can see why you wouldn't want to fork out a huge amount though.

FLOrenze Wed 12-Feb-20 08:50:34

I have used. Tails and thought it was ok. Now though I have changed to Essentials. They have a much bigger range and you can see the contents of each bag. My dog is on the Estate Mix following the guidelines they set out on their site for medium active working breeds.

JillAmanda Wed 12-Feb-20 08:58:07

The allaboutdogfood website is really useful.

Amazing how shit some really expensive food is. The Hills science diet for instance is absolute garbage yet vets will try to flog it to you at every opportunity.

I feed mine Canine Choice - reasonably priced, good quality, they’ll deliver it to your door and it completely cleared up my Collies skin issues.

JillAmanda Wed 12-Feb-20 09:02:27

Any food that does a special variety for different breeds needs to be viewed with a cynical eye. Largely, a dog is a dog. Royal Canin for example (another example of very expensive rather inferior food) do food for labradors, German Shepherds..... all to make the owner think they’re giving their dog something special that the dog needs. Dreadful really.

BrokenWing Wed 12-Feb-20 09:05:53

Agree with pp, look at allaboutdogfood website.

Tails is gimmicky and you can do much better for your money, or get the same quality for much less.

Yokohamajojo Wed 12-Feb-20 09:09:10

We tried it and my dog developed a UTI straight away, can of course not tell if it was due to Tails but stopped it and the UTI has never come back

AgathaX Wed 12-Feb-20 11:34:06

Max yes, we've tried the Tails.com samples. Unfortunately he didn't like them (surprise, surprise!). It's just that the Butternut box one is marketed at fussy dogs, yet the don't offer samples.

Juanbablo Sun 16-Feb-20 06:22:03

We tried it but our fussy puppy didn't like it. He began losing weight so we had to change food as he's already tiny so can't afford to lose anything.

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