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Does anyone have a Tractive GPS?

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Whine Tue 11-Feb-20 16:51:16

I’ve recently bought one and am wondering about the active points? I can’t find a guide online with breed/age recommendations etc so have no idea what it should be?
Also wondering how people have found the virtual fence thing (I can’t make mine work properly)?
Thanks loads

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RoombaSavedMySanity Tue 11-Feb-20 17:03:16

Sorry to say I was bought one and found it to be useless.

The geofencing was unreliable. The signal outdoors was hit and miss and often very delayed. I just couldn't trust it to work when I needed it to so gave up sad

PestyMachtubernahme Thu 13-Feb-20 00:58:23
Not a feature I'm ever likely to use.
It is inaccurate indoors but we have some incredibly thick walls. So a bit hit and miss with the virtual fence.
Comes into its own when you have an ado dog with high prey drive and a remarkable ability to forget recall exists. In live mode and open countryside, it will get you close enough to hear her bell.

lilsquish Thu 13-Feb-20 01:28:37

oh iv just bought one.

only used it twice and found it good when bambi appeared and my dog went deaf to me.

although after two uses I couldn't get it to switch on (despite 90% battery) Hopefully just a one off blip as was fine when I plugged it in to charge.

Haven't used the virtual fence and dont think i ever will

StillMedusa Thu 13-Feb-20 07:49:28

I have one and like it. Useless indoors but good out and about.. got mine after my 4.5 month puppy saw some deer and disappeared! I clip it to her harness and it's small and doesn't get in the way at all.

I talk to a dog rescuer and she reccommends everyone having a they aren't perfect but if your dog really takes off you have a much better chance of finding them again.

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