My beautiful dog has gone

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Ifeel1000yearsold Sun 09-Feb-20 18:03:19

My beautiful 14 year old girl was put to sleep yesterday and I miss her so much I don’t know how to be. She has been with me so long and has been such a faithful friend. I can’t imagine life without her by my side.

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QueenOfOversharing Sun 09-Feb-20 18:12:08

I am so sorry to hear your girl has gone. Do you want to talk about her? Share any photos? My dogs are 11 & 6 and one was just diagnosed with epilepsy last week - I completely understand how heartbreaking losing one of them would (--will--) be.

rosinavera Sun 09-Feb-20 18:15:39

I'm so sorry for your loss. I remember when I lost my 12 year dog a few years ago I felt paralysed with grief for a good few weeks. It will get easier as time goes by and you will be able to remember the good times and smile. Big hugs xx

Grandmi Sun 09-Feb-20 18:18:16

Oh bless you ...our pets are such a huge part of our lives 💐

chrispenrallt1 Sun 09-Feb-20 18:23:12

Thinking of you. It’s such a wrench when they go, I know I will be heartbroken when my 10 year old Springer is no longer with me.

Twenty2 Sun 09-Feb-20 18:57:44

There's nothing anyone can say that will help, but I'm so sorry for your loss. They really steal away with a piece of our hearts when they leave us 💔

NextdoorNeighbourIsATwat Sun 09-Feb-20 19:02:14

So sorry OP, I understand. flowers


Dreamersandwishers Sun 09-Feb-20 19:05:19

So sorry for your loss; they are so very lovely and giving, it’s heartbreaking to say goodbye. 💐

Ifeel1000yearsold Sun 09-Feb-20 19:30:09

She was called Lola. She was the perfect pet. I loved her so much. She was a quiet presence in our home and always by my side. I work from home and she was always there. She missed me when I went out and was always so happy to see me. She gave me so much joy.

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Ifeel1000yearsold Sun 09-Feb-20 19:42:49

She had a bowel obstruction but when they were examining her they noticed a lump in her throat. They said i needed to think whether it was kinder at 14 to let her go rather than go under for an operation on her intestine only for the lump to get bigger in her throat. They said the lump would be been near impossible to remove because of where it was. They also said her kidneys showed malfunction.

I was scared and she’s never been ill. She’s had a lovely life and I didn’t want her to suffer. She was distressed enough after spending the night away from us and had pulled out her drip. I’m scared I didn’t fight for her and should have waited but I didn’t want her to be in pain and alone. I held her to me and she was so peaceful as she went to sleep. I’m scared I did the wrong thing.

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Ifeel1000yearsold Sun 09-Feb-20 19:44:09

And I’m scared I’m going to always wonder if I’ve done the right thing by her.

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Wolfiefan Sun 09-Feb-20 19:46:41

Oh I’m so so sorry and you did the right thing. She would have gone through one op and then suffered with the lump in her throat too. She had other underlying problems and they couldn’t cure her. You saved her from suffering.
I’m so sorry though. flowers

userxx Sun 09-Feb-20 19:49:52

You did the right thing by your girl, honestly. Our greyhound had bone cancer, we were told we could remove his leg but the cancer had more than likely already spread to his lungs. We couldn't and wouldn't put him through all that trauma.

We have to think what is kinder for them and you chose the kind way.

DramaAlpaca Sun 09-Feb-20 19:51:30

I'm so sorry for your loss, what a gorgeous girl.

You've done absolutely the right thing for her, at the right time by the sounds of it. Please believe that. And you were there for her at the end. You didn't let her suffer. You've done just the right thing at the end of her life.

Be kind to yourself flowers

Smilethoyourheartisbreaking Sun 09-Feb-20 19:51:42

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

marmiteonmykeyboard Sun 09-Feb-20 19:53:29

I think you did the kindest thing out of love for her. She obviously was adored and appreciated throughout her fourteen years. Be gentle on yourself. The pain must be colossal at the moment. I cannot imagine the gap in your life but it will get better. Treasure your memories. Apologies for writing in clichés.x

Mallysmomma Sun 09-Feb-20 19:55:40

I had to put my first ‘baby’ to sleep a couple
of years ago and it broke my heart but that’s what love means; you do right by them even if it hurts you. I think I cried for three months straight after losing my switchy but time does heal. I have a memory box of his things and had his ashes made into a ring which I’ve never taken off. Take the time to grieve; some people don’t understand the significance of losing a fur baby but I definitely do. Big hugs to you. Xx

MrsMozartMkII Sun 09-Feb-20 19:59:08

I'm so sorry.

A beautiful lass. May she rest in peace flowers

Ifeel1000yearsold Sun 09-Feb-20 19:59:15

Thank you lovely strangers. It helps to know that others understand

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doodleygirl Sun 09-Feb-20 20:11:41

I’m so sorry for your loss. You absolutely did the right thing but it’s so hard flowers

VeganCow Sun 09-Feb-20 20:28:27

I’ve had dogs all my life and had to let them all go in the end. The vet said to me that us dog lovers, we look after our friends so well they very die naturally.
Guilt is always there along with the what ifs and should I have done this etc.
You definitely did the right thing and put her before you, totally selfless and the hardest thing we have to do.

rosinavera Sun 09-Feb-20 20:52:26

She was beautiful and you so do did the right thing for her darling x

somm Sun 09-Feb-20 21:27:20

No, no, no 'Ifeel1thousandyears old' - you did entirely the right thing for your dog. It's so horrible but you made it about what was right for her. She'd obviously had a lovely family, and then you let her go in a peaceful way, when medical intervention wouldn't have been for her benefit.

If only we humans had that choice. It's heartbreaking when you lose them, but what sort of life could they potentially have had if we didn't take them on? I'm on my fourth rescue, and he's the first one we've got as an elderly boy. The pain of the loss is balanced against the knowing that if they hadn't become part of our family things could have been so different.

You loved her and she would have known, in her doggy way, that you did.

somm Sun 09-Feb-20 21:33:30

Thoughts with you as well, 'smilethoyourheartisbreaking'.

YesIDoLoveCrisps Sun 09-Feb-20 21:46:43

‘Better a week too soon than a day too late’

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