10 puppies and us

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TopBitchoftheWitches Sat 08-Feb-20 17:51:40

I want to take Lola from her fuckwit family

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DeathByPuppy Sat 08-Feb-20 17:54:27

Is this something on TV?

TopBitchoftheWitches Sat 08-Feb-20 18:05:52

Yes, bbc two.

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fivedogstofeed Sun 09-Feb-20 10:57:47

Just watched on iplayer. It's painful. Lola's owners should have gone to ToysRus. sad

DeathByPuppy Sun 09-Feb-20 12:44:32

I didn’t see it. I’ll have to catch up but it sounds like I probably don’t want to?

Nojeansplease Sun 09-Feb-20 12:57:57

They’re clearly not educated on training and dog care at all
And the kids lost interest in training and picking up poo, like every kid in the world
But all the dogs were loved, cared for, fed, exercised, and everyone was trying at least.
There’s dogs neglected, dogs in rescues
I’m not sure I would think that familys doing so badly.

If anything I was more worried about rocky and Chloe who’ve never been to a park in their lives and then had a second puppy added to the mix

Stellaris22 Sun 09-Feb-20 13:14:08

The people with the chihuahuas worried me. Puppy didn't seem to get any exercise, no wonder it was frustrated. When asked about walks they said it went round the block then the dog was just carried.


LovelyPuddings Sun 09-Feb-20 14:06:02

Yep, some of the owners were frustrating but ultimately all dogs were loved and everyone was trying hard to get it right. You could argue that by taking part in the programme they were trying harder then most.

These dogs might not have perfect lives but they are still some of the lucky ones.

LovelyPuddings Sun 09-Feb-20 14:18:58

Though if anyone has seen the comedy series 'Puppy Love' - Lola's owner reminds me strongly of Vicky Pepperdine's character gringringrin

BarkandCheese Sun 09-Feb-20 14:31:22

I know it’s meant to be a fly on the wall documentary, but I was a bit shocked at the camera crew letting Lola’s owner drive with Lola loose in the car.

Also poor Rocky, it’s bad enough Chloe the puppy not having been to the park, but Rocky is ten! In ten years he’s probably never had a proper walk. I really hope they change their minds about getting another puppy.

fivedogstofeed Sun 09-Feb-20 15:02:32

The part in the car shocked me as well, and when she dragged the pup along the ground by her lead - on camera what the hell is she doing when noone's watching.

The chi owners were a classic example of people who get small dogs because they think they don't need any exercise or training.

Nojeansplease Sun 09-Feb-20 17:23:06

I was surprised at the car part too
But it felt like an accident - like she just hadn’t thought it through, the dog had only been in the car with the kids holding her and mum hadn’t thought about what she’d do on the way back.
Plus it seems like she’s not had dogs in a long time - you probably could leave them unrestrained last time she or her family had dogs
I know that’s no great but it didn’t feel like it was wilfully neglectful
And the law isn’t particularly clear either
It just says ‘suitably’ restrained, so technically if she can’t get out of the foot well it could be argued she is. (wouldn’t do this with my dog but I’m not sure if it was completely illegal back and white that the shows lawyers would have let that go out)

I don’t think the crew can tell another adult what to do with what is legally their own ‘property’ either.
You can advise but you can’t really enforce.

DeathByPuppy Sat 15-Feb-20 18:38:00

I’m just watching ep1 now. The golden retriever, Lola in the car was ridiculous. Especially with the mum of the family in the next scene talking about training and how perfect she was for training the dog because she had high standards and expectations of the dogs and of the family. Yet from what I’ve seen so far, she knows nothing about dogs or puppies and they don’t appear to have done much in the way of pre reading or prep. When they were filling that orange container with food and saying “I don’t know how much”, was ridiculous. The recommended quantities are literally printed on the sacks of food!

The Tran family with the chihuahua’s also seemed clueless.

Stellaris22 Sat 15-Feb-20 22:40:07

This is painful viewing. I am loving the Jura training, but question the dog behaviourist. How on earth she was recommending the lady in London should get a dog is beyond me (clearly browsing pets 4 homes too). She was squealing, letting the dogs be destructive and those stairs for a growing giant breed. Plus getting a puppy within two weeks or so, all just wrong.

DeathByPuppy Sun 16-Feb-20 12:17:42

I’m watching ep2 now @Stellaris22. The Clairvoyant just seems dippy and overly giddy. The Great Dane is gorgeous but wayyyyyyy to big for that little flat and she’s totally unrealistic about the realities of big dog ownership.

No wonder that beautiful little golden retriever doesn’t want to do anything for her owner, she’s being dragged everywhere so she’s probably not got great associations with walking or the harness. The woman is just panicking, shouting different commands at the (very confused) dog. “I question myself”. So you should. I do feel a bit sorry for her though. The whole family wanted a dog and the mother is left with all of the shit that comes with dog ownership (as is often the way). She needs a decent trainer, patience and a clicker (I love clicker training). She’s tried to rush everything because she’s in a big a rush all the time. Plus, I’ve just realised the behaviourist said she only gets those two walks a day. Those two ‘400 metre’ car-school walks. That’s not much at all for a 5mo old dog. Yes you shouldn’t over exercise them but that’s ridiculous. She needs more than a 5 minute drag to school twice a day sad.

I, too am loving Jura’s training. She’s such a sweetie. The bond between the guy and Jura is lovely to see. What a wonderful life she has.

The blonde family are overwhelming. The parents don’t seem to be that on it with telling the youngest not do X with the tiny cocker. Leave the poor little thing alone. The parents need to be more on the ball with enforcing the “leave the puppy alone” stuff for both the puppy & the toddler’s sakes. I can’t believe it’s taken the behaviourist to say “SEPARATE THEM” for the parents to latch on to the idea hmm.

Stellaris22 Sun 16-Feb-20 13:53:48

There is absolutely no way a giant breed puppy should be using stairs, their bones are still growing and it's going to do massive amounts of damage. I just don't understand why the behaviourist didn't point this out straight away.

DeathByPuppy Sun 16-Feb-20 14:29:22

@Stellaris22, I only got halfway through as had to go out. I’m back watching again now. I agree re stairs. I have a large breed puppy (lab) and he only uses stairs if he has to (if we’re out and about and they’re unavoidable, basically). He absolutely never goes up or down stairs in the house though. A giant breed would be even more worrying for me.

Delia the squealing Clairvoyant is really annoying. Collecting the puppy so soon is just stupid. She’s like an impulsive teenager.

I’m glad to see the blonde family are better with the little cocker.

So pleased to see Jura getting on well with her early training smile

As for next week’s ‘social media star’ puppy. Words fail me. Getting a dog for Instagram likes.

GeraltOfRivia Sun 16-Feb-20 18:32:19

I've just watched the first episode and will finish the second later. Love Jura, she's going to have a great life.

I feel for Lola's 'mum' being dumped with all the work but she really should have done some training research beforehand and have thought about classes.

Those chihuahua owners, the Trans, that was a disaster. Those dogs were treated like toys with no thought for their needs as animals.

Do I spot a Dalmatian coming up later on in the series?

DeathByPuppy Sun 23-Feb-20 12:09:12

Delia shock. She’s gone to pick up a tiny, unvaccinated, terrified puppy, in massive stupid stilettos, no carrier, no food, water, lead, harness, anything. On 4 trains. Shame on her and the ‘breeder’ who released the puppy into her care. Shouting at the puppy when it poos and wees. Honestly. All those wires and cables in the background too. Stupid and dangerous. angry

DeathByPuppy Sun 23-Feb-20 12:17:48

“I don’t want to be the hipster that goes to Shoreditch with their dog”, says the person who bought a puppy to make it an ‘Instagram star’. Pathetic. I swear this series was cast purely to rile the audience.

adaline Sun 23-Feb-20 12:21:02

The only dogs so far that I have any hope for are Jura and Hunter.

Why on earth did that "behaviourist" encourage Delia to get any kind of large breed dog at all?!

IndigoGusset Sun 23-Feb-20 12:25:27

She didn't - by letting her experience two large breeds I think she was hoping it would allow Delia to see sense. Louise's disappintment when she says she's going ahead is all over her face.

FurryMuzzles Sun 23-Feb-20 12:28:32

Anyone involved in dogs professionally always has a difficult choice when faced with a scenario they feel is not good for the dog: to help as best they can in the hope of making a shit situation slightly less shit for the dog, or to visibly oppose it with the risk that the owner will go ahead anyway, but without help.

FurryMuzzles Sun 23-Feb-20 12:32:57

I think she was hoping it would allow Delia to see sense

She did not seem like someone who took subtle hints. I suspect the behaviourist could have screamed "are you a bloody idiot?" off camera at her and she STILL would have gone ahead. She came across as an "in denial" kind of person.

MadameLeFunky Sun 23-Feb-20 12:36:54

I suspect some selective editing at play.

It is, so far, following a traditional series arc:

- hopeful and exciting start
- it all starts to look a bit rubbish and beyond hope

My guess is that by the end most of them will be fine, thus providing the happy ending.

To get that arc, you'd edit out all the times the various families got it right and just focus on their struggles. Which is not realistic and a bit unfair.

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