My dog hates the rain. Anyone else’s?

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RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 11:55:18

My dog (miniature dachshund) absolutely hates the rain.

I can’t walk him off lead when it’s wet as he will immediately bolt back home once the lead is off. And on lead walks in the rain = him putting the brakes on.

When he wears a coat it seems to help him a fraction. But he still hates the wet on his feet and his head.

Do you have any recommendations for good weather gear for dogs? (Shoes maybe? A little rain hat? 😂) Or any advice for walking a dog who hates the rain?

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EnidPrunehat Sat 08-Feb-20 12:02:03

Stay home and occupy them with games! It's a great myth that dogs need to go out walking in all weathers - unfortunately, I've got a dog that will! - and there's nothing sadder than seeing a tiny little dog being dragged along in the pissing rain.

Smartanimal Sat 08-Feb-20 12:04:23

Nobody likes the rain. All animals try to hide from it. YABU.

Twenty2 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:05:24

Mine, a mini JRT hates it. Even just drizzle makes her dig her paws in and refuse to move and she won't wear a coat, either. I even have to carry her home. It's embarrassing grin

All posts in this thread should come with a photo!

RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:08:29

I’m happy to skip a walk for a day and do extra training/puzzles instead, but when it rains for 4 days solid I really do need to get him out. Someone needs to invent indoor soft play for dogs. 😂

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RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:19:16

She’s gorgeous @Twenty2 !

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compulsiveliar2019 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:22:50

Yep my lab hates the rain. If it's bad she refuses to go out. However if we are anywhere near water she's straight in for a swim 🙄 odd creature!!!


lynsey91 Sat 08-Feb-20 12:26:15

@Smartanimal my dogs love the rain. They ask to go out in the garden if it's raining and then stand or even lie in it. I have to bribe them in with treats.

My dogs get walked no matter what the weather and I am used to getting so soaked that we all look like we have stepped out of the shower. I can't say I like it much but my dogs love it. The worst thing is getting us all dry when the dogs take over an hour each to dry!

SaskiaRembrandt Sat 08-Feb-20 12:27:09

There are dog wellies, and also leads with umbrellas attached. I haven't tried these things though so can't say how good they are.

HarrietBasset Sat 08-Feb-20 12:47:16

I have a miniature dachshund too....she dislikes any adverse weather. She is better when wearing her equafleece but frankly would rather snuggle under a blanket and not move. Its a struggle to get her out for a wee if its wet/windy. Stubborn little creatures confused

labazsisgoingmad Sat 08-Feb-20 13:55:13

Twenty2 Sat 08-Feb-20 13:59:36

Where are the dog photos? I'm sure it's illegal to post in the Doghouse without a photo of your dog angry

Pipandmum Sat 08-Feb-20 14:02:23

One of my dogs has alopecia and doesn't like going out back in the garden when it's raining or stepping on to wet grass (the other looks like a sheep and doesn't really notice). But as soon as it's a walk shes totally happy and will walk through every puddle! If it's really tipping it down she does look miserable but I can usually get them out when it lightens to a drizzle. She has a coat but shakes when I put it on, though seems to tolerate it when walking.

cjpark Sat 08-Feb-20 14:19:33

My ddog won't even pee in the garden if its raining. It have to hold an umbrella over her or place her under the canopy in the garden. Still love her though

HarrietBasset Sat 08-Feb-20 16:37:30

Here's my stubborn beast

RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 20:11:26

Sorry @Twenty2 Here he is!

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QueenOfOversharing Sat 08-Feb-20 20:20:32

Omg your pup is gorgeous.

We have a dog flap but both my dogs dislike rain. The beagle (a boy... I swear this is the key to the issue) pees in the house if it's raining! I'll just find a stain or a puddle. Or splatters down the freezer! He's such a dick.

My staffy doesn't like it, but she at least goes out for a wee.

labazsisgoingmad Sat 08-Feb-20 20:28:42

the reason dogs hate the rain is not just getting their lovely furry coats wet its because their ears hear more intensely than we do so the rain splashing on their ear flaps is mega loud

AcrossthePond55 Sat 08-Feb-20 21:51:03

Dachsie, too. He hates water of any kind (unless it's in his water bowl). When we take him out to wee he runs as fast as he can to the closest place with cover, wees, then runs like hell back to the porch. And proceeds to give us 'the look' which says "You know I could call the ASPCA on you for that, don't you?".

Our previous dog was a water loving Lab. Quite a change, in more ways than just that. Dachshunds are just a breed unto themselves!

LOMY Sat 08-Feb-20 21:55:43

My dog refuses to leave the house in the rain and to get him in the garden I have to stand outside with an umbrella 😂 I've been told it's most likely the noise of the rain that he's not keen on, rather than getting wet.

Twenty2 Sat 08-Feb-20 22:26:30

Adorable pooches, @HarrietBasset and @RedRed9 ❤️

Nojeansplease Sun 09-Feb-20 00:11:35

Indoor soft play for pooches is a killer business idea and I want to day our boy !!!!

It’s fine skipping a couple of walks but I can’t even get him outside to do his business!!

RedRed9 Sun 09-Feb-20 09:05:27

Hope everyone’s rain hating dogs are coping ok with the storm!

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Spidey66 Sun 09-Feb-20 09:13:36

Maggie is ok with light rain or drizzle but refuses to go out in heavy rain.

HillsandSea10 Sun 09-Feb-20 11:23:04

My previous lurchers loved their coats so walks in the rain were possible.
My present one hates the rain unless it's just drizzle and equally hates her coat, so I bribe her out for a toilet stop with lots of treats and that's it.

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