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Found sores on paws

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littleyikes Fri 07-Feb-20 23:43:27

Visiting family in Devon yesterday, home today, just noticed these sores on Ddogs paws. Definitely were not there before we left (to travel to Devon) as I'd cut Ddogs nails and would have seen them.
They're in the same position on each front paw, the symmetry has confused me?

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littleyikes Fri 07-Feb-20 23:59:12

Obviously I will be going to the vets first thing... just wondering if I should be considering our out-of-hours vets right now.

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OhYouBadBadKitten Sat 08-Feb-20 00:07:35

If your dog seems poorly then given where you've been I'd be considering OOH, especially as it's so muddy at the moment, If not, Id wait until morning.

GCAcademic Sat 08-Feb-20 00:11:52

I’m not sure I’m the best person to reply to you, OP, as I’m notoriously panicky about anything happening to my dog, but I would give OOH a call.

RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 00:12:21

Have you been walking anywhere particularly abrasive? (Eg salt/grit on paths and roads.)

Obviously get it checked but if it’s nothing sinister than a paw balm like Farm Dogs Naturals ‘restore’ should help.

littleyikes Sat 08-Feb-20 00:34:25

A muddy woodland walk two days ago, nowhere particularly 'rough' in the last few days. She does suffer from allergies and chews paws in the summer months if she's refusing her daily meds. But I notice when she's chewing, and there isn't any of her usual allergens around.
She's been absolutely fine, I am quite panicky as she is my problem dog - we're at double figures for operations with a general 😬

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adaline Sat 08-Feb-20 07:00:47


Muddy walk + sores on the feet is a huge red flag for Alabama rot.

BiteyShark Sat 08-Feb-20 07:20:32

Ouch they look sore sad

RedRed9 Sat 08-Feb-20 11:45:04

Did you manage to get her a vet appointment @littleyikes ? How is she today?

littleyikes Sat 08-Feb-20 13:25:16

Vets visit this morning, they don't think it's anything other than scrapes from running around, but to keep an eye. There's been no change, and no more sores have appeared. I'll keep an eye on her tongue too, as if it is more sinister it could spread through licking. Thanks all for the advice! thanks

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PestyMachtubernahme Sun 09-Feb-20 18:20:02

Wash her paws with a weak solution of hibiscrub after every walk.
Really helps stop a damaged paw becoming an infected paw.

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