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So scared

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Ifeel1000yearsold Fri 07-Feb-20 16:16:00

My 14 year old jack Russell is currently u see sedation at the vets as they are trying to get a piece of corn on the cob husk out which is lodged in her oesophagus. I’m sitting outside the vet sobbing in my car. I’m so scared area not going to male it.

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RoseAndRose Fri 07-Feb-20 18:43:23


I really hope the vet sorts it.

LochJessMonster Fri 07-Feb-20 22:13:52

Sending flowers
My dog had to undergo a similar op about a bit of stick got lodged in the back of his throat.

BiteyShark Sat 08-Feb-20 05:44:13

How is he doing? thanks

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