Dogs on the sofa

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Cinderemma Thu 06-Feb-20 15:21:09

Do you let your dogs on the sofa?

I used to but I'm getting fed up of hoovering off the hair everyday.

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LochJessMonster Thu 06-Feb-20 15:22:53

Ha the no sofa rule lasted about a day!

I have a faux leather sofa so can just wipe the hair off. Changing from a material one was the best thing I did!

JKScot4 Thu 06-Feb-20 15:23:58

Yes all 3 are allowed, I have a stack of cheap Ikea throws and sofa has washable covers too, it’s their home too 🐶🐶🐶

Whynosnowyet Thu 06-Feb-20 15:24:03

Not our main couch though...

Cinderemma Thu 06-Feb-20 15:25:03

@Whynosnowyet I have the same blanket and a whippet!

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fedupandlookingforchange Thu 06-Feb-20 15:25:36

No dogs on the floor, the cat is allowed on the sofa.

Cinderemma Thu 06-Feb-20 15:25:58

I keep telling the kids no dogs on the sofa but they just keep letting them on and tbh the dogs don't know if they're coming or going, whether they're allowed on or not!!

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Mrsducky88 Thu 06-Feb-20 15:27:30

Nope, my spaniel has never been allowed on the sofa (or upstairs).

BiteyShark Thu 06-Feb-20 15:29:27

Yes mine is allowed on all the sofas. Can't beat a cuddle from the dog whilst watching tv 😍

ArcherDog Thu 06-Feb-20 15:32:12

Nope, no dogs on these sofas...
Lots of throws are your friend! Plus a wipeable sofa.

allfurcoatnoknickers Thu 06-Feb-20 15:33:52

Yes, but we have throw blankets on them that we change regularly, and only one of the dogs sheds.

Cinderemma Thu 06-Feb-20 15:34:56

I'm thinking my next sofa will be a wipeable one! Their hair gets everywhere!

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Stellaris22 Thu 06-Feb-20 16:16:22

Can't keep her off the sofa! We have an old bedsheet and duvet we keep on it though and those get washed regularly. Also a fan of doggy cuddles in the evening while watching tv.

Costacoffeeplease Thu 06-Feb-20 16:21:47

Of course they go on the sofa, can’t be doing with people with so many rules and regs for dogs confused. Get a stuffed toy

Babdoc Thu 06-Feb-20 16:27:39

Thankfully I don’t have a dog, just an immaculately self-grooming cat.
I think the potential skid marks would bother me more than moulted hair tbh...!

Chuffingchuff Thu 06-Feb-20 16:42:42

No my dog is very long haired and my husband is asthmatic so he couldnt stand it. For the same reason he also isnt allowed upstairs.

TheFaerieQueene Thu 06-Feb-20 16:50:50

Nope. Not allowed on the sofa. 🤣

Cinderemma Thu 06-Feb-20 16:51:53

@TheFaeryQueen 😍

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Jolonglegs Thu 06-Feb-20 16:53:46

No way.

BarkandCheese Thu 06-Feb-20 16:58:23

Mine has a special set of little doggie step to help her get on and off the sofa 😄. She’s a low shedding breed though so no hoovering needed. (Obligatory dog on sofa photo included, even though you can’t actually tell it’s the sofa).

Newmetoday Thu 06-Feb-20 17:01:59

Yes. It’s his home too

LolaSmiles Thu 06-Feb-20 17:04:39

We have throws on the sofa for the dogs. They're allowed on their blankets and not if there's no blanket. It works well and if there's no blanket and they want to get up, they sit and give a little bark.

JKScot4 Thu 06-Feb-20 17:04:48

A dogs world is small, it’s got their humans in it, your home and wherever you may take them, why make it even smaller by restricting where they go? It’s a sofa, cleanable and replaceable, why is upstairs so precious?
I think some folk get a dog as an accessory not a family member.

Sausagewrole Thu 06-Feb-20 17:06:55

Yes, dog has his corner on the sofa. And his spot in the bed, and under the duvet!

JKScot4 Thu 06-Feb-20 17:07:53

One of them sofa with cuddly shark 🥰

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