Handhold if you're awake?

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QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 04:55:26

Hi. If anyone's up, could I get a handhold?

My dog just had a huge seizure. He's had 2 tiny ones (one yesterday), so not formally diagnosed yet.

I'm in tears. It was horrible. Had to relocate to the living room as he wet my bed too.

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UnexpectedItemInTheShaggingAre Thu 06-Feb-20 04:57:53

Bless you. How are you And ddog now?
Lots of strokes and cuddles. Keep warm and so on.


3luckystars Thu 06-Feb-20 04:57:55

What is the plan for the morning, are you going to the vet
That must have been awful to watch. I hope you are ok.

JayAlfredPrufrock Thu 06-Feb-20 05:11:36

Poor love.

<holds hands>

BasiliskStare Thu 06-Feb-20 05:16:48

What breed of dog is he ? & how old? but I hope he is comfortable . All best to you and I hope today goes well for you both. Poor little bunny - I wish him well.

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:17:21

Thank you! I'll call to get vet appointment first thing - we actually need to change vets as I currently go to PDSA, but they don't have MRI etc. So need to see my PDSA vet then speak to vet hospital who I'll take him to.

He's fine now. I can't stop crying!

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QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:19:02

He's a beagle, about 6/7. I rescued him 3 years ago from Battersea. He's my second dog. Such a lovely, gentle boy.

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Shev1996 Thu 06-Feb-20 05:22:22

Exactly what happened before and during the seizures? How is he now? My previous boy had a couple due to allergies, we assumed bee/wasp stings but never found out. He suffered seizures, panted and overheated. But then within a short time returned to normal. He lived a long life but always refused to walk in long grass after that. Here is you need to talk x

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:25:22

He was asleep under my duvet. Just started shaking so I pulled duvet off to stroke him. He was completely rigid, his legs sort of running. He wet the bed while he was like this. Then he was just puffing & drooling & couldn't sit up.

After a few minutes he was ok.

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QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:26:39

This is his 3rd seizure - 2nd was a much smaller one yesterday afternoon. Beagles apparently are a breed who are more prone to it.

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Shev1996 Thu 06-Feb-20 05:30:20

Oh bless him, it’s good you are taking him to the vet for a full check out, hopefully it’s something easily fixed. I would say try to get some sleep but I know you won’t while you’re worrying x

ayvasili Thu 06-Feb-20 05:32:25

Sending you a big fat hug-must be such a worry to see your dog in a state like that xx

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:35:42

Thank you @Shev1996 - as he's not been diagnosed yet, I need to see them & let them know.

@ayvasili thank you! It was so scary - I just didn't know when it would stop. But he's cuddled in on the sofa with me & my other dog.

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Shev1996 Thu 06-Feb-20 05:47:40

I remember my old boy having a seizure (I say old but he was only about 5 then). It scared the life out of me, I stayed up with him all night and he was fine. Never really understood what happened, but the vets said if he was eating and drinking he was ok. He lived a good and long life

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 05:51:46

@Shev1996 as he's had 3 now, the vet said once he's had a few, they would diagnose him & give meds. And this one was last than 24 hours after last one - which apparently makes them more serious. Though honestly I gave no clue! But I'm in a fb group for beagles with epilepsy & posted - they're so supportive & have lots of tips.

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Shev1996 Thu 06-Feb-20 05:55:51

Once they know what it is (epilepsy’s really otherwise) they can hopefully treat it. Glad you have a support group of other dog breed owners x.

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 06:00:55

Thank you so much! It's horrible to see, isn't it? I just get so scared for him.

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LeahDownTheLane Thu 06-Feb-20 06:01:19

Hi, I hope things have calmed down for your sweet boy. We were woken at 3am to our girl having a seizure, my husband heard her and then shouted for me so we didn’t see it start. She’s wasn’t responsive for what felt like forever and then she was frantic, circling and screaming. She’s 16 and completely blind and deaf. We adopted her four months ago so this is the first seizure we’ve had with her. After an hour of running around bumping into everything she’s finally asleep. We spoke to the out of hours vet who said to keep an eye on her and not take her in as they were worried it would trigger another seizure. We’ll speak to our regular vet as soon as they open. It’s so frightening, I’m not often on Mumsnet but not going back to bed and I saw your post. How is he doing now?

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 06:17:03

Oh @LeahDownTheLane that sounds terrifying! Your poor girl. Has she settled? It's horrific to see them like this, isn't it? Did you not have any indication from where you adopted her that she had seizures?

Our vet said to keep a diary as they wouldn't diagnose based on one seizure. They couldn't take blood as he is hugely reactive & would need sedating, but they tested his urine in case it was due to anything with kidneys.

I hope your vet can give you some help & more info today.

Ralph is fine now, sleeping beside me. I just am not going back to sleep, so switched on tv.

Sending hugs - please let me know how she is & what vet says.

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Shev1996 Thu 06-Feb-20 06:22:37

That sounds terrifying @LeahDownTheLane. I do hope Ralph is ok OP, going to sleep now but will think of him x

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 06:28:31

Thank you so much @Shev1996

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LeahDownTheLane Thu 06-Feb-20 06:35:58

So very scary, I’m not sure if she’s ever had one before. She was dumped in a Spanish pound at her age, blind and deaf so no history. She’s so very lovely though and settled with our others brilliantly. It was a scary hour with her frantically banging into the walls and screaming but she’s calm now and been asleep for a good two hours almost so hoping she stays that way until the vets open. So pleased Ralph is doing ok, I’m too scared to sleep just incase.

Motorina Thu 06-Feb-20 07:05:26

I’m so sorry - my old girl had a couple and it’s scary to watch.

I was going to point you towards BEAGS on Facebook but it sounds like you’re already there.

QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 07:38:32

@LeahDownTheLane oh poor girl. She was obviously really disoriented - so awful! I hope your vet can give some help - on the fb group I'm on, lots of ppl say they have rectal diazepam on hand to relax them. I'm sending her hugs & a cuppa for you. I've not slept either.

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QueenOfOversharing Thu 06-Feb-20 07:39:44

@Motorina yes - I'm on BEAGS - they really understand the panic with when these start. It's helpful to be able to ask them anything - I guess I'll have more to ask after he sees vet.

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