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mummyduckduck Wed 05-Feb-20 22:11:55

Our dog is an idiot.

He goes out for a poo and often stands in it. Obviously we pick poo up asap, but if we go out to pick it up while he is in the garden, he thinks we want to play and runs about like a lunatic, often running through his poo.

I'm getting tired of constantly cleaning his feet, and the floors of the house.

Any ideas?

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GeraltOfRivia Thu 06-Feb-20 08:00:22

How old is he? Ours tends to avoid it these days at 9 months old but when he was properly little he did that a lot! It's just gross

BiteyShark Thu 06-Feb-20 08:26:55

We always stop and stay still whenever my dogs poos and then calmly pick it up when he moved away.

I found that doing this meant he never thought we would play or run about straight after a poo so less likely for him to get excited and step in it.

How old is your dog? Does he know his commands? Can you start to train him to sit straight after in a sit/stay whilst you clean it up?

mummyduckduck Thu 06-Feb-20 19:59:48

Thanks both, he's 2 so should really know better by now. We'll try getting him to sit (although he sat and wagged his tail through a pile the other day 🤦).

I think I want some sort of anti-bacterial paddling pool for him to walk through before he comes back in the house (remember the ones they used to have by swimming pools to get rid of veruccas); but that's not really practical. Plus the daft dog would probably drink it.

Fortunately he doesn't mind a shower.

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Biddie191 Fri 07-Feb-20 13:15:42

If the poo is sticky enough to spread (rather than firm) maybe look at his diet? If you can find a food which gives healthy, firm poos, it may at least make it less messy to clean up, and won't smear, so just a quick anti-bac on a flannel if he does step in it, rather than having to wash his feet.
My terrier used to do fairly soft squishy poos, but I changed her onto a working dog feed (Dr John's) and her poo is far firmer (and smaller) and she looks so much healthier - coat etc. Some foods have a lot of 'filler' so you feel like you're being generous, but it isn't really great for them. Ones with a lower wheat content may help, too. good luck!

longearedbat Fri 07-Feb-20 13:40:42

When you go out to pick up poo either make sure he is shut in the house or put him on the lead and tie him up while you tidy.
I usually stalk my dog in the garden because she is an occasional poo eater. This involves being on standby with a shovel or bag to pick it up the minute it hits the ground.
If the poo is that wet, your dogs diet needs looking at, or else you are leaving them too long and they are going soggy in the rain.

JesusInTheCabbageVan Fri 07-Feb-20 20:31:40

Sorry, but grin He sounds delightfully thick. Got to love that in a dog.

Our old dog (greyhound) once did a massive wet shit, then discovered a crust of bread next to it, and in the process of trying to pick it up he bulldozed his face right through the middle of the shit pile. Then ate the shit-covered bread. I didn't intervene because I was literally frozen in horror.

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