Advice on confusing symptoms please!

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Notlonely Wed 05-Feb-20 20:12:04

I've just paid £100 vet bill for an eye infection for my yorkie. He had eye cream which worked.
a week later my dog was very sick for a whole night, only bringing up bile. The next day he didn't eat but did drink plenty and was tired. I rang the vet and they said there were bugs going round and to keep an eye on him. To bring him in if he didn't improve in 24 hrs
The next day he ate very little and was sick twice. But otherwise happy and behaving normally. So we didn't bother with vets.
The third day he ate one whole meal and threw up bile once.
Since then he hasn't eaten normally but has been drinking weeing and pooing as usual with the very occasional bile sick. He refuses to eat until about 5pm. He usually eats breakfast and tea but He turns his nose up at all offers of breakfast. (Trying to tempt him to avoid the bile) Have tried roast beef or chicken and rice. -won't touch it.
Occasionally in the past three days he has had trouble walking down the stairs (sort of bunny hops awkwardly until we carry him down) or hasn't wanted to jump down from the sofa.
The stiffness walking and not wanting to jump or climb downstairs seems to be first thing in the morning.An hour later he's sat begging for a walk and then tearing around a field. just can't figure any of this out?
Earlier he was licking his front paws which he does when in pain.
I'm going to book a vets appointment tomorrow but I'm unsure what could be wrong! Feel silly taking him when he's eating some food, drinking weeing pooing and running fine. But other times he seems in pain and won't eat. Not sure if any of it is connected. We 've just been for a walk and he was full of beans pulling and climbing as normal. And has gone to sleep.
Any ideas?
I've just had a good feel of his tummy and legs and he didn't seem to mind.

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Booboostwo Wed 05-Feb-20 20:19:45

To be honest I would have taken him to the vets sooner. I don’t know what is wrong, but something clearly is.

Notlonely Wed 05-Feb-20 20:22:40

The vet advised me that unless he didn't improve he wouldn't need to be seen. The not wanting to go downstairs has only been for 3 days and only really lasts an hr. I thought maybe he had pulled a muscle. Or was weak from having a bug and now that he is licking paws I will take him tomorrow. Wondering if anyone had any ideas as to what could be wrong

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Bananarama12 Wed 05-Feb-20 20:25:08

Nasty sickness bug going round. Hopefully it's just that. Mine had an anti sickness and steroid injection and she felt much better the next day.

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