Noisy toddler creating noisy dog!

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LangLiveThePenis Tue 04-Feb-20 10:11:22

When my toddler is excited and happy, singing, shouting etc the dog whines and whimpers.
Anything I can do to help him not be stressed? No other noises cause this.

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bunnygeek Tue 04-Feb-20 10:14:35

Does the dog have a safe space that's toddler-free and quiet to retreat to when the toddler is being just too much?

LangLiveThePenis Tue 04-Feb-20 10:37:53

Yes, but he doesn't even try. He tends to stay wherever he is. If he's joining in then I don't mind as much.

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Nojeansplease Tue 04-Feb-20 20:47:07

Why do you think he’s stressed? What’s the best of his body language like?
Could you encourage him with treats to go to his bed when toddler is being particularly noisy until hopefully he goes there by himself

Floralnomad Wed 05-Feb-20 09:28:59

Maybe he’s joining in , my late mother had a mastiff x ridgeback that used to sing along .

LangLiveThePenis Wed 05-Feb-20 10:34:49

He stays lying down or walking around dependant on what he was doing before, the sounds sort of comes from his throat.
He's mostly shih tzu so wouldn't go too far, he hates being in another room from me so has to tolerate the sound. It can be piercing though.

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Whynosnowyet Wed 05-Feb-20 10:36:44

Invest in a crate..
Place it in another room.
Your dc will soon get used to it.


LangLiveThePenis Wed 05-Feb-20 10:42:11

He's still crated at night, but I don't want to make him go there in the day.

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Whynosnowyet Wed 05-Feb-20 10:56:02

*crate was suggested for the dc (lighthearted)...
How old is dc? Chats about ddog being their friend but not liking the noise etc..

LangLiveThePenis Wed 05-Feb-20 12:16:22

Ohhh. There's an idea...
Toddler is just 2, I also have a baby so this will probably carry on. Toddler has no volume control, it's a genetic trait.
If he's not stressed then I'm not going to worry about it, thank you all.

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Whynosnowyet Wed 05-Feb-20 12:32:28

Could you suggest story time with dc and ddog? +explain that ddog enjoys quiet time too!!. 2 of our doodgs sit on ds's bed every single night at story time. Ds loves the idea!

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