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MiniGuinness Mon 03-Feb-20 03:11:02

My dog has just started limping really badly. It has come on suddenly with no known cause. He hasn’t been injured, he has nothing in his paw and he does not cry in pain at all. He is about 11 or 12 (rescue) Shih tzu, so not particularly old. What could this be? I will take him to vets tomorrow but would appreciate any advice.

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MiniGuinness Mon 03-Feb-20 03:45:20

It actually seems to be both legs on left hand side. He is not flinching or crying at all, but seems very unsteady when standing and limping when walking. He also can’t jump at all (bed or couch) I am a bit worried.

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Shadyshadow Mon 03-Feb-20 05:16:53

He could have just gone over on it and sprained it. When this has happened with my dogs, with no cause I crate them for an hour, to rest, and then see how they are when they get out. It's only happened a couple of times, with each dog, but usually they are fine then.

That's was the advice of my vet the first time it happened and I spent a fortune on an emergency vet visit.

MiniGuinness Mon 03-Feb-20 05:54:42

Thanks Shady, we are lying together in the bed. I am actually on a mattress on the floor so he doesn't have to jump. I will put a stairgate up as well so he doesn't go far. Then see how he is in the morning.

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BiteyShark Mon 03-Feb-20 05:54:52

One sided rather than one leg and not wanting to jump would worry me. Could be a multitude of things but yes get it checked out. Monitor him in case it gets worse but just keep him from trying to run about too much and see if he can still toilet ok. Any worse and I would be phoning out of hours vet.

The not flinching or crying doesn't really mean anything as my dog had injured his back so badly one time that he was showing signs of nerve damage down one side of his body and he was still happily running about trying to get me to throw a ball for him shock.

Shadyshadow Mon 03-Feb-20 06:10:54

I assume you arent in the uk if you are saying the morning at this time.

Let use know how he is, whenever you get chance to update us, tomorrow

Like I said the vet said an hour rest (obviously unless the dog is in distress) if it's still there straight to the vet.

You must be very worried. flowers for you both

PeachesPlumsPears Mon 03-Feb-20 06:27:19

My dog Shih Tzu, 11 years old limps occasionally too - left front leg. The vet told me to monitor him and to take him back if he continues limping after 24 hrs. But usually after a day of rest and me fussing over him he stops limping.

We have polished tiles and he loves running and chasing the other dog which ends up with him limping.

The vet said he has arthritis too so we have changed his diet.


mrsjoyfulprizeforraffiawork Mon 03-Feb-20 13:40:21

As someone else has said, you should get it checked today as planned because you suspect it is both legs on one side. Otherwise, I would have suggested waiting as my Staffy X has done this on 3 occasions (each time a different leg) and each time I have found it got completely better by next day - she is quite active and I think once probably did it just jumping off the armchair to the floor - other times, I have not been able to see how she did it - every time it occurred indoors.

MiniGuinness Mon 03-Feb-20 20:14:03

This morning I woke to him completely unaffected, not limping, chasing the cat and jumping on and off the couch. I spoke to my vet who advised we keep an eye on him for 24 hours and restrict his exercise to see if it happens again. We were also reminded about his diet, which we are working on as he is a little overweight. (He steals the cat's food)

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triballeader Mon 03-Feb-20 22:22:55

Sounds similar to my girl last weekend.

Vet checked her all over and found evidence of severe arthritis. I did not even know the poor girl had developed it as she is so darn stoical. She does not make a fuss about any pain and only yelped once when the vet manipulated her worst hip.

One week on with food supplements for her aging joints and decent pain meds she is looking a lot more relaxed, able to take short gentle walks and is more her old self. In honesty I would have had her to the vet sooner if I had managed to put all the pieces together quicker. [very stiff when trying to get out of bed and unsteady when standing until gently mobilised, limping when walking, lifting paw slightly off ground on worst affected side, muscle wastage on most affected side, struggling to jump up on sofa and into car, walk refussal from a dog who loves walks. Whilst she does not moan with hindsight her tail not fully erect when wagging, not fully responding to commands, her eyes had a pinched 'look' all from stoically living with pain. Now on pain relief from vet and her tail is now back up and wagging, she is listening to commands though I give her more time to physically respond and her face is once again 'soft' and her smile is back.]

It is always worth getting something that is making your dog limp and/or seem to be not themselves checked over by a vet.

Hope its something that can be easily identified and treated and regain some mobility. Wishing her all the best at the vets.

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