Battersea muddy dog challenge

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Honeyroar Sun 02-Feb-20 22:03:01

It’s the running bit that’s the challenge for me!

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CMOTDibbler Sat 01-Feb-20 09:47:38

My dogs adore running with me (in fact we're just going out) but hate water and mud. Still thinking about it though

Nojeansplease Fri 31-Jan-20 22:42:01

Soo want to do this
Dpup hates cold, water, mud, running where he’s told, everything really.

Honeyroar Fri 31-Jan-20 21:35:54

Has anyone ever done one?

I’d have loved to have done one with my late Labrador. He’d have adored it. Now I’ve got a lab unbothered by water, but I’m sure he’d do it, and a fluff ball who would never speak to me again if I took her. Would have to get fit myself!

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