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What do you feed your American bulldog?

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justwinginitmotherhood Thu 30-Jan-20 10:15:02

We've got a 1 year old American bulldog called ruby. When we first got her my partner was keen on the raw food diet for her but she didn't take to it very well and she also started taking bits of raw meat all over the kitchen etc which obviously we didn't want so we stopped it and tried dried food. We currently use tails and it costs nearly £50 per month for 2 bags of dried food. Sometimes she goes the whole day without eating, other days she just eats one bowl of food, sometimes two (of her own accord) but we've just updated her weight on the tails website and she's now to get 4 level scoops which they provide with the correct sizing. So anyway, just wondered what you all feed your bulldog and your cost per month if anyone wants to share?

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