My darling girl

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Imarriedaviking Wed 29-Jan-20 23:39:03

My darling girl went to the rainbow bridge today.
Almost 15, never sick or sorry in her life.
Have lost so many dogs and horses in my life but this has hit hard.
After leaving my narc ex , it's just been the two of us.
Just feel so bloody sad.

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SinglePringle Wed 29-Jan-20 23:47:44

What a beautiful girl. Such loving eyes - she knew how you cherished her.

So sorry for your loss. It’s just awful.

BiteyShark Thu 30-Jan-20 05:50:33

So sorry thanks

Girlintheframe Thu 30-Jan-20 06:22:07

Aw I'm so sorry

OneOfTheGrundys Thu 30-Jan-20 06:27:23

I’m so sorry.

BigcatLittlecat Thu 30-Jan-20 06:35:24

What a beautiful dog! Always so hard when you lose a pet. Give yourself time to grieve and look after yourself. Tell us your favourite story about them!

spiderlight Thu 30-Jan-20 12:53:50

I am so, so sorry. She's beautiful flowers


TheMemoryLingers Thu 30-Jan-20 12:58:18

I'm so sorry - she's a beautiful girl.

fivedogstofeed Thu 30-Jan-20 14:41:39

What a gorgeous dog. So sorry.thanks

Darklane Thu 30-Jan-20 20:18:55

I’m so very sorry. No matter how many you’ve lost before it never gets easier does it? And some are just so very special. She looks such a sweetheart & must have had a wonderful life with you if she was never sick.

Theroigne Thu 30-Jan-20 20:19:26

I’m so sorry xxx

GoodbyePorpoiseSpit Thu 30-Jan-20 20:20:19


Glitterb Thu 30-Jan-20 20:23:49

What a beautiful girl, she looked like a very happy dog. Think of the good times, she was lucky to have you. Thoughts and hugs are with you ♥️

74NewStreet Thu 30-Jan-20 20:25:48

sad. So sorry.

ChardonnaysDistantCousin Thu 30-Jan-20 20:29:29

Sorry she's gone, such a lovely dog she looks like..

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