Supplement for coat?

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Dora26 Tue 28-Jan-20 22:57:29

My beautiful springers coat had changed from shiny to dull and kind of woolly since she was spayed about a year ago - so much so that she is going for first grooming this week - normally I do my dogs but I know when I’m “bet”! Anyone suggest a food supplement that would help - I’m thinking oil if its like my hair change in menopause 😂She is 3 and in tip top health otherwise. Tia

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Dora26 Tue 28-Jan-20 22:58:33

Ps feed is Hills sensitive

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jjjnnnnnrrssss Tue 28-Jan-20 23:00:40

Eggs! You can give her a raw egg (or cooked if you're uncomfortable with that, soft scramble or soft boiled and cooled) to help with her coat. It always helped my parent's dog when I was growing up.

MarleyMooChick Tue 28-Jan-20 23:39:41

I use Salmon oil:

MarleyMooChick Tue 28-Jan-20 23:41:14

This is what it is. Sorry link above looks odd:

FortunaMajor Tue 28-Jan-20 23:44:23

I had a GSD with skin issues, so my vet told me to give her Evening Primrose oil. It also had an effect on her coat and make her very glossy and sleek. It really made a difference. I also gave her Cod Liver oil.

I believe they make a dog specific ones these days, but back then the vet told me to get the capsules from a health food shop. My dog was the weight of a small adult person though, so it would be worth checking with your own vet re dosage for a smaller breed.

Girlintheframe Wed 29-Jan-20 05:09:06

We use Yumega for Ddog. Started with salmon oil but then moved onto this. Has really benefited him


Dora26 Wed 29-Jan-20 11:19:48

Thanks so much everyone

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