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Pug incontinence taking over...

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Originalusernameunavailable Tue 28-Jan-20 13:44:43

I feel like a completely awful persona and a crap dog mum but I’m seriously torn about what I can do for my 10 year old pug.

About a year or so ago he started Poo-ing in the house. It’s happened in line with his back legs bowing and it’s obvious he’s losing capacity over his hips/back legs and in turn his bowels. He doesn’t wee indoors, he can control that still.

Anyway, I’ve tried to manage him by letting him out in garden every hour for the last year whenever I’m home (not when I’m asleep, he goes out last at 11pm and then starts from 5am). However, quite often he’ll go outside then he’ll Poo indoors within minutes. I genuinely don’t think he’s doing it to be a pain, I think he just can’t control his bowels anymore.

I’ve had previous suggestions of dog nappies, the vet says he can do tests but they would cost around £1k and even if they found spinal problems it could be £5k to operate and they can’t guarantee it’ll improve.

I have 3 children, the youngest is a newborn but she will obviously be crawling etc soon.

I feel like I can’t go out because when I do I’m coming home to a hallway which absolutely stinks and I’m forever cleaning up after him.

I love him so much, he’s been with me from a puppy so he’s seen me from a single late teen through getting married, divorced, remarried, kids (who he’s absolutely amazing with).

I think I know what I have to do for him but I can’t bring myself to take him because when he’s out on a walk he seems much better, he even runs! It sounds awful but it would be a relief if he would just lose the use of his legs entirely because I would have no choice.

I’m also getting to the stage where he’s really annoying me and I know what’s an awful thing to say but I’m falling out of love with him even though I know it’s not his fault.

What would you do?

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KilljoysDutch Tue 28-Jan-20 13:58:37

PTS, You know it's time, it can't be nice for him to be dirtying himself everywhere. I know it's hard, I have a 17 yo JRT who I am saving up to have PTS as he has developed incontinence and has almost completely lost his sight. I'd do it tomorrow if I could just to let him have his rest but I'm disabled on benefits so saving is the best I can do for him.

Remember dogs have no concept of tomorrow and all he has known all his life is your love, this is going to be your final act of love for him - letting him go. Hold on to your memories but let him go.

StillMedusa Tue 28-Jan-20 16:20:39

I too would PTS for all the reasons stated above... it's incompatible with family life with a baby and it is horrible for him.
I'd give him the best week of his life first, whatever makes him most happy and loved, and then have a vet come to the home.
Have him pts before you resent him, it's not his fault or yours but if there is no guarantee of improvement with an op then I wouldn't put him through it.

memberofseven Tue 28-Jan-20 17:39:18

Killjoy can the pdsa help you. Or are their any subsidised animal rescue centres in your area?

Originalusernameunavailable Thu 30-Jan-20 12:56:44

Thank you for the replies.
I am taking him to the vet tonight for a second opinion (different vet) and to discuss options. It’s just the guilt that’s the worse.

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AwkwardPaws27 Thu 30-Jan-20 20:23:27

KilljoysDutch do you have a regular vet? At the practice I used to work at, we always let regular clients pay for PTS a few weeks later (new clients were tactfully asked to pay on the day). If you have a vet you usually use, they will probably PTS to prevent suffering and let you pay a week or so later. Definitely worth asking, I'm sorry to hear you are in this situation with your dog.

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