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Dog arthritis - any tips that could help?

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triballeader Tue 28-Jan-20 09:22:29

Tips needed.
Rescue dog possible age between 8-10+. Was an abuse case and starved prior to rescue so long term health might not be as long as it could have been. Has enjoyed six good years so far.
Has been presenting with symptoms that look like arthritis since Christmas. Could not jump into car boot, walk refussal, struggling to get on sofa, becomming very stiff and limpy after sleep. Warmer hurtta dog coats have not helped.

Being a bull terrier she managed to hide this fro me until it has became really bad and I could begin to put the pieces together. Bit shocked to discover how bad it really could be for her. She only yipped once when the vet flexed her hip the rest of the time she stayed stoical. [Dog likes the vets as they have always made her feel better]

Has been taken to vet. Has been initially assessed.
Given pain meds and to go back in two weeks to assess pain management.
I have ordered her KC recommened joint supplement for arthritis. Letting her rest and just gently mobilise around the house and garden whilst the pain meds begin to help. Will take her by car to her fave places for gentle ambles to keep her mobile once the pain is notched down.
I am going to call the vet today to ask about x-rays to discover how bad her hip joints really are as she is so darn good at being stoical in the face of severe pain. Hip replacement has been suggested as an option but not sure that would be a good call for her if she is 10+. Will ask for blood works ahead of her annual mot to check overall health first.

Looking for tips from others who have cared for a dog with joint pain to make senior life a little easier and more enjoyable for her. Right now I am on the side of her quality of life matters the most and I want to make it as good as I possibly can for her.

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CoffeeBeansGalore Tue 28-Jan-20 09:25:34

Glucosamine or cod liver oil tablets - normal ones found in supermarkets. Also oil of evening primrose. These helped one of my old huskies for years.

itshappened Tue 28-Jan-20 09:30:10

We used to give our dog cod liver oil tablets daily to help with hip pain. Also I think making sure they have warm, comfy places to sit, so they aren't lying on cold floors. Ours loved a hot water bottle! When they got really bad, we would fold a blanket up and wrap it round their bottom with us holding the two ends above them, to help take some of their weight when they went to the loo. I'm sorry your dog is in pain. Hopefully the medication will start to help soon.

RedRiverHog Tue 28-Jan-20 09:38:58

My 12 year old has Yumove and Golden Paste. The Golden Paste has helped her a lot. She was starting to get stiff on colder days but since starting it she has been fine.
She has had hydrotherapy for a year now. It is so useful for her fitness and mobility.

Any hard flooring has rugs to prevent slipping. A coat for walks in the cold.

But the best thing I have found is keeping her weight down.

Scattyhattie Tue 28-Jan-20 09:42:01

CAM are an amazing resource full of info

CAM FB - has weekly live interviews with specialists (get added on YouTube channel) & host of other info.

CAM videos

Holly's Army- CAM owner group to share/ ask advice

CAM- equipment reviews

fivedogstofeed Tue 28-Jan-20 11:45:58

CAM is absolutely brilliant. What has worked here is Yumove or Flexitol and CBD oil.
More rugs as well - hard floor make it so difficult to get up and down.
DDog does hydrotherapy about once a month which I believe helps her massively.

CMOTDibbler Tue 28-Jan-20 12:56:40

If you can get to hydrotherapy, I know several dogs who have been really helped by it as it helps keep their muscles strong to support their joints, and keep the weight off - they need to be as slim as possible.

MasakaBuzz Tue 28-Jan-20 13:21:48

Mine is a rescue dog. She had obviously been in a road accident at some point. Her right hind leg was badly broken. As a result she has hip arthritis. She has been on Loxicam for years. It seems to work for her.

The vet also recommended Yu Move. She is back to jumping on and off the chair. I really noticed a difference when she went on to it.

Thedeadwood Tue 28-Jan-20 13:24:59

I also massively rate Yumove and I would have a look into local hydrotherapy classes.

Lara53 Tue 28-Jan-20 13:48:18

Green lipped mussel powder is also great

triballeader Tue 28-Jan-20 16:42:40

Thank you all, have now bought her some Yumove.

Pain meds seem to finally be acting - trying to play snuggled on her duvets in front of the fire for the first time in a week.

I may soon regret giving her a squeaky toy to chew to entertain her though.

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Medievalist Tue 28-Jan-20 19:24:29

Was going to recommend Yumove. Our old lab was also on Loxicom for arthritis for several years. Memory foam beds help (solid block not foam pieces). Hydrotherapy may help. Regular short walks.

Dogs generally are very good at masking pain and can put up with an awful lot before owners realise there's anything wrong. Excessive panting can often be a sign of pain.

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