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Puppy 1st season?

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Peskyelephant Mon 27-Jan-20 16:30:26

Thanks for your messages, I think I was expecting more blood and got confused. Will be keeping her away from the boy dogs until sure its passed.

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StillMedusa Sun 26-Jan-20 20:17:08

Mine's just finished her first season and it started identically!
I first noticed she was licking herself more, then having a few more wees than usual.. when I looked I thought her vulva looked a bit swollen and pinker but as I hadn't really looked before I wasn't sure!
After a few days we saw some pink drips but she was so clean we barely noticed. She did get a bit more clingy the first week, but didn't who any interest in males til the end of the second week (presumably when she was actually fertile)

We still did off lead the first week but with a sharp eye out for dogs.. clipped her on unless we established they were female or neutered. On lead the next two, and then her vulva went back down (now I know what it looks like normally!) She only bled a little no mess at all.

I don't think you need to see a vet.. just keep her away from the boys!

Mine did go off her food in the second week too.

TeacupRex Sun 26-Jan-20 17:39:50

Sounds like a season might be starting, based on her age and the symptoms - all sounds normal! A swollen vulva the most telling sign along with the bleeding - some are cleaner than others so you might not get much spotting if she's licking. Chances are it will swell up a bit more when she's in the most fertile stages of heat.

The vet can take a progesterone test but that's only really done if she's being bred, the breeder needs to know exactly when she's most fertile and what days to mate. Don't worry too much - as long as she seems in good health generally and doesn't appear sick smile

Peskyelephant Sun 26-Jan-20 17:14:40

We have a 10 month old female Australian labradoodle who we are intending to neuter after her 1st season. The problem is I'm not sure if she is actually having a season.
One night last week she did 2 wees in an hour on the landing carpet. I checked her with a paper towel and there was dark red discharge. So assumed it was her starting her season. Her vulva is a bit swollen but haven't seen any more blood despite checking She has been licking herself a bit more. Is a bit grumpy but that could be because we have changed her walks (pavements and no off lead). There has been no aggression to other dogs when we have come across them (although I have been trying my best to cross roads etc). A couple of small things such as sniffing dog wee on a wall then immediately weeing next to it and one small dog that seemed a bit keen on her and had to be pulled away by its owner.
Is it her season? Should I see if my vet can check somehow?

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