Yorkie (not quite right?)

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Lalala205 Sun 26-Jan-20 02:32:30

Ddog is a 7yr old yorkie that's very much loved (tolerated), he's massively 'quirky', but frankly not quite right in dog terms (and I feel like a dick saying that!). Very friendly, very loving... But un-house trainable, fear of sounds, tries to drown himself in water bowl (we've been through a lot to get to the point he doesn't). Happily trot around then shake in corner for no apparent reason. Will try to tunnel out of garden to play with Wolfhound next door 🙄 Help?

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Veterinari Sun 26-Jan-20 08:23:51

What exactly do you want help with? All of the above?

Noise phobias toileting issues etc can all be a sign of generalised anxiety disorders and over 60% of noise phobias are associated with chronic pain so I'd suggest a vet check and referral to a behavioural specialist

longearedbat Sun 26-Jan-20 10:30:41

That's a lot of things, but, do you have children? Especially noisy rumbustious (or possibly rough) children? And/or, do you have a lot of shouting and noise in your house, a lot of voices raised that may sound aggressive to a dog? Yorkies can be very sensitive. They also have very long memories for incidents that may have frightened them in the past, so can easily be set into panic mode by the slightest hint of a previously frightening thing happening again.
Also, is the dog being adequately groomed? Tangled hair pulling on skin will make anyone grumpy. Are it's teeth causing it pain? Yorkie teeth are notoriously bad.
I think your first port of call would be a vet for a check over.

Lalala205 Sun 26-Jan-20 13:08:13

Thank you I'll take him to vets for general check up. I don't think it is pain or health related though. He's always been the same. If anything he's actually really intelligent in a lot of ways (just a general bit of a weirdo if that makes sense). Yes, very sensitive I'd definately say that. We also list our other dog recently and I'm not sure if he's still grieving.

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Darklane Sun 26-Jan-20 17:06:04

I have Yorkies. They are very sensitive, especially to your mood as they are very tied to their owner. Have you had him from a young puppy straight from the breeder or was he a rescue? If a rescue he could have been stressed back then. If not cruelly treated but from a puppy farm ( thinking ex breeders or unsold puppy, ie many from Many Tears) Yorkies are not suited to kennel living at all.
Definitely a vet visit, could be pain as others have suggested, especially teeth. Yorkies have notoriously bad teeth no matter how well you brush them daily. They are also very stoical about pain, being tiny doesn’t mean they’re wimps not at all, so could be that. Any raised voices,even boisterous fun, could be upsetting as they do pick up on anything unsettling that other dogs would ignore. I have a couple of Skyes as well & they are so dour they just ignore stuff my Yorkies pick up on.

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