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HarrietBasset Sat 25-Jan-20 13:12:09

Hi all
We are going up to the lakes for Easter in a Motorhome (2 adults, 3 kids and by then a 7 month old puppy)
I haven't been to the lakes for 10 years, we are staying in Ullswater, can anyone recommend dog friendly things to do plys nice pubs etc?
We will be doing lots of walking but puppy will only be able to do 35 mins a day at that point, thankfully she's a miniature breed so can go in her dog carrier bag if we want to walk further.
Any tips/recommendations would be appreciated. Kids are 7 and 10

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Darklane Sun 26-Jan-20 17:54:48

Hi. We have dogs & a motorhome.
You’ll find most places are dog friendly, pubs & even shops. I haven’t visited in the van for a few years but I grew up in the Lakes so know it pretty well. It isn’t finding places to go with your puppy & children that will be a problem but finding places to park, especially van is big like ours, rather than a campervan. And watch out for locals driving on the narrow roads.
We tend to bypass the Lakes on our way up to Scotland these days, far more motorhome friendly.

HarrietBasset Sun 26-Jan-20 18:57:20

Thanks Darklane its a big Motorhome so we are considering taking our car up too for when we are there as a bit nervous about difficulty parking plus narrow roads (we are hiring it) judging from what you say it might be a good shout!

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CatUnderTheStairs Mon 27-Jan-20 15:56:34

Keswick is the most dog friendly place I think I've ever been. Off lead walks I'm not so sure about. But lots of great lead walks.

Funf Fri 31-Jan-20 17:10:07

Another vote for Keswick
A nice south lakes route here, we have done this route, everywhere even the museum is dog friendly, but you would have to take care in a big motor home.

Funf Fri 31-Jan-20 17:15:42

Our Motor home is 1.25 cars long and wide, if you could it would be less stressful to take a car for general day to day use as the best places have limited access.
One of our favourites is Watendlath Tarn, its tight in a big car no chance for a motor home

Keswick has a cinema which is handy if it rains, I think Ambleside does too

HarrietBasset Fri 31-Jan-20 17:55:56

Thanks very much for the advice we are definitely taking the car too!

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Darklane Sat 01-Feb-20 09:31:28

If while you’re there you want to visit the seaside, as a change for the children, both St Bees & Maryport are easy to access with a big motor home, have good parking, right near the beach in St Bees & I the harbour in Maryport. Maryport has a lovely long promenade for dog walking with no mud & a good sandy beach. Could be a good longish day out with all your onboard facilities handy, toilet, brewing up etc. Maryport has a terrific fish & chip shop near the harbour & a good pub where you can take your drink out to sit on benches on the harbour. There’s a playground too with a pirate boat ( or at least there was when last I was there)

Darklane Sat 01-Feb-20 09:33:25

Our motor home is eight metres long & no problem with access.

Funf Sat 01-Feb-20 10:14:03

Maryport has a nice motor home site at the harbour

Bowerbird5 Sat 01-Feb-20 10:53:52

Best thing about Maryport is the Sealife centre and playground.
St. Bees is quite pretty and great cafe.

Lovely walk from Glenridding/Patterdale to Howtown about 7/8 miles and then catch the steamer back. Easy walk for kids that age and the views are amazing. DD walked most of it when 2 1/2 she refused to go in the back pack! Large car park at Glenridding. I think you would find it easy taking a car. The roads are narrow in some places and it is a nightmare to meet a motor home or bus.
Coniston is great for taking a dog. If you drive through from Ambleside go over the bridge and to the right there is a good car park down near the steamers. Ruskin ‘s house is across the water and quite interesting. Great cafe next door.Take the Gondola as it is beautiful. Several different trips on the lake.
Hawkshead is only a few miles away and good car park. Small lovely village, very quaint. Sawry is also near there and you could visit Hilltop Beatrix Potter’s house. The gallery is in Hawkshead and it is good to do the two things together. The Old Laundry at Windermere/Bowness too where her books come alive and there is a short film beforehand.

If it’s raining Rheged isn’t far from Ullswater and you can park a Motorhome there because the have room for buses. There is a ‘paint a pot ‘ place lots of other things to paint too. You can collect them after a couple of days usually if they aren’t busy I think you might be able to get them on the day. It has a huge cinema screen. I think it is the biggest in Britain. They show some good films. And yes there is a cinema in Ambleside at Zeffirelli’s where the food is excellent. Rheged is a bit pricey for food for a family the cafe on second story is cheaper. Some shops inside and a great fort playground outside. Not sure about dogs there.Pooley Bridge is on Ullswater. Granny Dowbekins is the best cafe but always busy. Dogs are allowed. Lovely hot soup and great scones, cake. The pub opposite is good too.good short walk along the lake from there. On the narrow road just out of Pooley Bridge towards Sharrow Bay Hotel and just past (car) you could climb Hallin Fell. It is a really good Fell for kids/ first timers and do the second half to the cairn as the views are much better. On a good day you can see most of Ullswater great photos. Or park up and take the steamer across to Howtown and walk from there. My kids did it when they were quite young.I take visitors there.
Other lakes that aren’t as busy are Wastwater, Buttermere and around there. Good if you are sick of the crowds. Keswick is great but very busy best parking is down by the Lake and it is a lovely walk back into Keswick. Go through the gardens and there is crazy golf there. Most of the eating places are dog friendly. Keswickian makes the best chips. Good market on Saturdays.
Have fun. How long are you going for?

Whynosnowyet Sat 01-Feb-20 10:58:29

Yabu to discuss a dpuppy without proof you even have one...
.... wink

HarrietBasset Sat 01-Feb-20 12:44:03

Thanks all, so helpful
Pic for proof smile

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Whynosnowyet Sat 01-Feb-20 12:47:31

Ah Dachshund? My ds 5 is obsessed with them!! We are currently looking for a dpuppy but sadly something so small would risk injury here!!

HarrietBasset Sat 01-Feb-20 23:07:21

Yes a silver dappled miniature dachshund. I had a Bassett hound before so this is my first little dog, she's easier in many ways though does run the risk of being trod on quite frequently. My kids and most of my friends children are obsessed and we hear cries of"sausage" most school runs smile

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Whynosnowyet Sat 01-Feb-20 23:42:31

I must confess my huge rotty almost ate one at Xmas!! Off lead ahead of it's owner the poor thing almost sacrificed itself all innocently!!
blush the poor man did eventually grasp I meant can he hurry up and save it!!

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