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Crave dog food

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frostedviolets Wed 22-Jan-20 10:39:46

Anyone used it?
Is it any good?

The bags are usually around the £15 mark which is more than I'm willing to pay but I found it on offer today for £8!

So I've bought a bag

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SecretGuiltyPleasureLoveIsland Wed 22-Jan-20 17:05:01

I thought this was a pregnancy craving thread! grin

adaline Wed 22-Jan-20 19:01:53

It's pretty good - the wet scores better than the dry from what I remember, though.

We use a mixture of Crave and Harringtons, depending on what's on offer!

Floralnomad Wed 22-Jan-20 22:00:39

My dog didn’t like the wet when we tried it , but he is very picky .

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